what should I do in amsterdam?

April 20, 2012 separator Life

image via Basciar, edited by me

And the trip planning continues… Thanks for all the incredible advice about what I should see, do, and eat in Munich, everybody! The counting down has begun with a vengeance – 27 days until I leave!!!

Again, though, I would love to hear your thoughts. I have wonderful, thoughtful readers from all over the world, and I need your help!!!

What should I do in Amsterdam? Where should I go? What should I be sure to see? We’ll be there for two or three days.

If you haven’t been to Amsterdam but know somebody who has, then by all means, share this with them! Help me make this the most epic trip ever! Thanks, friends!!!


  1. I agree with several other suggestions that you should see the Anne Frank house. I would also suggest the Rijks Museum.

    allibrary (at) aol (dot) com

  2. At the zeedijk there is a fantastic chinees restaurant called New King, jummy.

    Walk around a lot and you can visit the exibition Bodyworlds

  3. I have only ever been in the airport for transit so i have no idea, haha! but i have heard its amazing!! so pretty with the tulips in spring!

    love K

  4. There is an little store with all fantasy things. Its called the chimera. Also there is an big alternative market. Its at a place called waterlooplein. Have a lot of fun.

    Linde ( I’m from Holland actually. My name means lime tree in dutch.)

  5. Ok..
    .1. As you come out of the train station first notice all the bikes. It’s incredible.
    2.Then step across the street to the cruises. You can take a canal cruise that last about 45 min. The information is amazing and you get a close
    up look that is unbeatable!
    3.Head to the Anne Frank house. Like mentioned above.. it’s shocking how small and quiet it is inside. Read my blog about Queens day.. this is when I mentioned her house.
    4.Red light district. It’s creepy but something not to be missed.
    5. If you have time to step out of Amsterdam for a while.. here’s what I recommend.
    6. Just to the north of the airport as mentioned above is Lisse. This is where the Keukenhof is at. An amazing display of flowers. You’ll be hitting The Netherlands at just the right time. As you drive there you’ll be able to see the stunning fields of tulips.
    7. The Kinderdijk is an amazing place where there are tons of windmills. I haven’t gone yet but it’s on my bucket list.
    8. Finally yes take a bike tour:)

  6. Ok, I’ve just opened up your blog to follow via blog lovin. I’m a new spaz at blogging but trying to figure it out. Anyway, saw your post on Amsterdam. Too funny. I’ve just moved to Holland this past July. Here’s a link to my blog…. please enjoy. If you want some fun ideas.. I’ll report back. You’re going to love it!! Amsterdam is very fun!


  7. BTW, I would highly recommend to go out of Amsterdam to the north as the lady above suggests, since the tulips are in their flowering period (is this even English?) and even as a Dutch person I think this looks just amazing :)If you want to be a real tourist, go to Volendam. This is a little fishermen place, and they wear the real old Dutch costumes. You can make a picture wearing these clothes… As said, it’s really touristic. Okey, well, I hope you have fun!

  8. Hey! I live in Amsterdam! The person above talks about ‘de Zaanse Schans’. But you can see windmills like, everywhere in Holland.. 🙂 In Amsterdam you should visit the Waterloo Market (i don’t really know how you translate this). This is a second hand (vintage) everyday market. There’s also a great view of our canals. Hmm indeed the Anne Frank’s house is interesting, but really make sure you are there early because it’s tourist season and very busy. You should go and have a lunch at ‘Singel 404’. It’s a really nice lunchroom with just delicious dishes, for a low price. It’s near Spui, which is near the Dam square and the biggest shopping area, Kalverstraat. Mmm.. What more? Oh, you may want to go to the ‘Zeedijk’, this is the main Chinese street. You’ll find little restaurants (Nam Kee is a very famous and nicely priced one) and chinese shops. Be aware of the fact that this street is close near the red light district. 🙂 Have fun in Amsterdam!!

  9. Loved the VanGogh museum when I was there. What we enjoyed more, though, was just walking around. There’s a town (can’t remember the name) about an hour north where you can see working windmills. My husband loved yhat.

  10. *Gasp* You should follow the blog “A Cup of Jo” because she is going to Amsterdam tomorrow and will probably be back before your trip so you can totally get some great ideas when she gets back!! =) Happy Planning!

    Lemanie’s Randomness Blog

  11. Anne Frank’s house is an incredible experience. If you haven’t already read her diary, I’d definitely try and do it before you go. When you go into the house and see how many people were hiding in such a small space it will really bring it home how difficult it was for Jews under the Nazis. In the book Anne talks about collecting pictures of movie stars, and these are still pasted on the wall 🙂 It really is a humbling experience. The Van Gogh Museum was also very good xx

  12. Go on a bike tour (this was my favorite! and you’ll see so much), the Anne Frank Museum (go early), an out-of-the-way pancake shop, the red light district, and of course a “coffee shop.” 😉

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