The Perfect College Care Package . How To-sday

Did you just send your baby off to college? Or your sister? Brother? Well, as hard as it is, you can still be there when they need you most. You know what you need most that first few weeks of college? 


How do you make those friends that will stand by you through four crazy years? With your winning personality. BUT a package of random, weird, wonderful familyness (chock-full of movie nights & caffeine) never hurts... 

You want to ease the homesickness of those first couple weeks of freshman year for your baby? Send a care package that's inherently them
  • Matted art without the weight of a frame - perfect for taping up on dorm room walls
  • Jewelry - something cute and simple, just for fun
  • Organizers - maximize their small space with boxes and trinket trays for sorting everything
  • Quirky stationery supplies - to make note-taking more bearable
  • DVDs and candy for at least two movie nights
  • Coffee, coffee, coffee - Starbucks gift card and to-go mug to get through the first round of all-nighters
  • SUBTLE HINT: self-addressed, stamped envelopes and extra stamps - and not-so-subtle phone calls referring to said envelopes
  • Air freshener - because dorm rooms never smell like flower gardens
  • Personal, quirky odds and ends - blue elephant? Check! 
Bonus: Instead of packing peanuts or bubble wrap, protect the contents with air-popped popcorn. It's environmentally-friendly and just plain fun.

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Whitney Leigh Morris . Follow the Leader

Follow the Leader Instagram
There are a few people I follow on Instagram who make me insanely jealous every time one of their images rolls across my feed. But we'll call it 'jealous in a good way' because oh.my.gosh Whitney Leigh Morris' home looks so effortlessly beautiful! Which is not to say it's effortless by any means. The self-proclaimed Designer + Declutterer + Giantess lives in a 362 square-foot
cottage in Venice Beach, California. Her work has been featured in Good Housekeeping Magazine, Vanity Fair, One Kings Lane, Design Sponge, Apartment Therapy, The Knot Magazine, and tons more.

Bonus: Her feed is perfectly peppered with cameos by her beagle Stanlee Stubs. 

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Random Oldies

I've been working like crazy to clean up my inboxes (I might've had a couple thousand emails. Might have...) and old blog posts, and I found this little guy I never hit 'publish' on. This handful of images is from a visit to Austin for SXSW a few years ago. Without further ado, I give you profoundly deep, awe-inspiring images of:
  • A neon sign
  • Dr. Pepper
  • A falafel cone
I know. I know. It's a lot to process. Go ahead and take a second. Now enjoy your Wednesday.


7 DIY No-Sew Halloween Costumes for All Ages

Birthday Cake by Studio DIY

I know it seems early to be thinking about Halloween costumes, but guess what? If you're going to have an epic one, it's time! Scroll through these seven for some of my favorite ideas that don't require you to sew a single stitch. If you want even more inspiration (lots more), take a look at my costume roundups and tutorials from years past! 

Owl by Educated for Love

Mother Nature by Offtract

Charlie Brown by Working Mom Goes Green

Squid and Ocean by Kojo Designs
*Only ocean is no-sew

Mummies by The Polka Dot Chair

Minnie Mouse by The Sorry Girls

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