Topaz + Arrow Workshop

Topaz & Arrow Workshop 14

Since moving to the DC area, I’ve been absolutely blown away by the creative community here. So many incredible opportunities for collaboration have already popped up with friends I met at Blog Brunch! Not long after that, I attended a found object necklace workshop by the Virginia and Morgan of Topaz + Arrow. They have the neatest little studio called the Wild Hand Workspace – really bright and airy. We dove straight from local snacks and drinks to a whole lotta rope, hardware, spray paint, and chaos.

One of my favorite things about a get-together like this is seeing the end results. We all start off with the same exact supplies, but the final products couldn’t be more different! I know I shouldn’t play favorites, but my hands-down favorite piece of the day was whipped up in a hot second by Cortney, the creative behind Be Cool, Mom. Topaz + Arrow does a different workshop every month, like terrariums and nontraditional wreath making. Check out their upcoming events page for details, but keep in mind that they usually sell out before the event.

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15,000 – Thank you!!!

You guys are amazing! Thanks to you, I just hit 15,000 Instagram followers! I can’t tell you how excited I am to be part of such a fun community and to be able to interact with you guys “behind the scenes” through Instagram.
If you aren’t following me yet, drop by and check it out – I’m sharing all sorts of sneak peeks before I launch my new shop on October 1, including my new logo last night! Anywho – just wanted to say thanks for being some of the best readers on the interwebs! :)

Flamin’ Haute Cheetos Bar

You’ve been to events with a candy buffet, right? Fun, but maybe a little overdone at this point… Leave it to Lauren and Rachel at Sweet Root Village to one-up every candy “bar” ever. They threw a big open house shindig a few weeks ago for their Studios at 112 South Patrick, and I was so excited when they asked me to do the calligraphy and lettering for the event!
This might be the most fun I’ve had with a project for a client. (Flamin’ Hot was my particular favorite, in case you were wondering.) I never would’ve thought it possible, but these gals made this vending machine favorite look absolutely glamorous! If you’re planning a wedding, it just might be time to think outside the box. Your treat buffet will be the talk of all your friends and family!
They capped off the evening with a s’mores station under the stars – more pictures to come later! All these photos are taken by Lauren and Rachel at their studio, and everything was just as fun, beautiful, and delicious as it looks. 
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