Geometric Vinyl Decals . How To-sday

I'm phoning it in today, dredging up an old post, but it's one of my favorite finished projects! When we started decorating the new apartment, this was one of the first pieces I unpacked. 

I've always been a renter of various and sundry teensy apartments, which I'm sure you all know seriously limits you decor options. I've gotten creative over the years, and one of my favorite ways to spice up a rental is with removable vinyl wall decals. They can be pretty costly though, which is half the reason I got a Silhouette cutting machine. Now I can cut anything I want out of vinyl. Follow along with me to learn how to make fun geometric diamond decals. You could use them to embellish and object like I did with our record player, or you could space them out on a wall like wallpaper!

This tutorial will teach you how to make the shapes from scratch, but since I love you guys so much, I've also created a downloadable cut file so that you can make the exact ones I did if you'd like. To download all these diamonds ready-to-cut, just go like Shrimp Salad Circus on Facebook and then click the 'freebies' tab on the left sidebar. 

*Note: I know I'm a little spoiled with my fancy craft toy, but you could actually just get the vinyl, trace a design onto it, and cut it out with an exacto knife if you don't have a cutting machine. :D


Russian Icons by Lucia Giacani . Be Inspired

Icons by Lucia Giacani
In a previously published version of this post, I misspelled the artist's name. My apologies to Lucia Giacani!
Lucia Giacani captures these women like only another woman could. Giacani, an Italian freelance fashion photographer, has worked with such figureheads as Vogue, Harrods, and Glamour, to name just a few. She can even make food look like high fashion!

She based this collection on Russian religious icons. If you've ever stepped foot into an Orthodox church (or even an old Catholic cathedral, for that matter), then you've seen these women immortalized in hues of gold. They're always delicate, dainty, and often oddly-proportioned. Giacani recreated them wonderfully with this collection. 

Icons by Lucia GiacaniIcons by Lucia GiacaniIcons by Lucia GiacaniIcons by Lucia GiacaniIcons by Lucia GiacaniIcons by Lucia GiacaniIcons by Lucia Giacani


It's Okay to Not Be Okay

With the passing of Robin Williams yesterday, we lost a huge personality we grew up with. We lost somebody who seemed to bubble over with laughter so much that he had to share the extra with the world. But that was obviously not the case. We know that he struggled with depression, and it looks like yesterday, heartbreakingly, he lost that battle. But this isn't about Robin Williams because we should remember him for how he lived, not for how he left this world. 

It's about mental illness. The stigma, the reality, and the truth of struggling internally while putting on a brave face. You probably know somebody - or a few people - who suffer from depression or anxiety, but you might never know it because they can put on a mask to get through the day. Maybe you are hiding your own struggles from your friends and family.

But those people are your support network, and this isn't something you can do by yourself. If you're not okay, talk to someone. If you'd feel better talking to a stranger, that's fine, too. Call one of these places; that's what they're there for. 

Just don't try to do this by yourself. 


Free Desktop Wallpaper No. 3

You guys - can you believe it's already AUGUST?! I'm more than a little freaked out about how fast time is passing these days, but I'm loving every minute. My bestie came to visit from Dallas this weekend, and we had a blast at the Topaz + Arrow workshop on Sunday. I did calligraphy for a Cheetos bar last weekend, too. Yes - a Cheetos bar. This is my last funemployed Friday because I'm starting an amazing new job on Monday, and I get to spend the weekend finishing projects around the house. Life is good, busy, and always exciting!

P.S. The font is Traveling Typewriter, and the pattern is by Svetolk.

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