Mid-Century for the Modern World No. 1

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Andrei and I live in a 'cozy' one-bedroom apartment, and though it's fine for now, I'm always mentally planning for our next abode. Right now I'm a little obsessed with mid century modern. I love the clean lines, bold designs, and the furniture that can practically serve as art. Mad Men is a fun source of inspiration, and I'm loving these rooms, too. 

Are you a fan of this style, or do you prefer modern minus the mid-century?

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Spring Bird Nest Cupcakes . Good Eats

I kind of despise winter. I think it's by far and away the unpleasantest of seasons. Yes, unpleasantest. That's why I'm so pumped to start celebrating spring. The sun shows its face again; flowers start popping up everywhere; and the birds come back out to play. To kick off the party that is spring, I've put together some cute little bird nest cupcakes. Enjoy, and be sure to share pictures if you make them!



1.   Frost a cupcake with a thin layer - just enough to get the toppings to stick.  I actually used almond butter instead of frosting to cut the sweetness a bit.

2.   Grab a small handful of the edible Easter grass. It's a little bit stiff, but just go ahead and wrap it around one of your fingers in a tight little twist. Pinch it that way for a few seconds. When you let go, it should expand out a bit. Set the newly-formed little nest on top of the frosted cupcake.

3.   Set a Peep right in the middle of the nest, squishing the base into the frosting to secure it.

4.   Take two or three of the candy eggs, and nestle them into the frosting right next to the Peep. That's it - you're ready to move on to the next one. And then next one.

These would be super cute for a kids' party, baby shower, or any spring spread!

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My Big News!

Its been fun seeing all your guesses on last week's clue posts. Jhadira Godoy and Kaitlyn Jacques got it right on clue number two, and Kim was on the money with the first clue. Ready for the announcement?!

As you're reading this, I'm sitting on a plane headed for... Thailand!!! Andrei and I are finally going on our honeymoon, and we'll be backpacking around Thailand and Cambodia for a whole month! 

We got married back in August, but my back surgery and Andrei's dissertation put the trip on hold, but I think it's even more exciting now that we've been anticipating it for so long!

If you've ever been to Thailand, I'd love to hear your stories and recommendations! In the meanwhile, you can keep up with my adventures on Instagram (@shrimpsaladcircus).


My Big News . Clue No. 2

Snorkel   .   Camera   .   Candles   .   Meditation Pose

That big news I mentioned Friday is happening in just a few days! I gave you the first clue yesterday. A couple of you made guesses, but you're not quite there yet. Today's clues should help you figure it out. 

Any guesses what my news might be...?!