Easy Vanilla Coffee Soap Recipe

DIY Coffee Soap Recipe

This vanilla coffee soap recipe will help you start your mornings with a caffeine buzz! Plus, the caffeine in the coffee can have some nice perks (see what I did there?) for your skin. I’ll admit that I’m a skeptic… link decorationRead More

Dairy-Free Gluten-Free Banana Bread Recipe

Make a hearty, delicious dairy-free gluten-free banana bread recipe with just a few simple ingredients! I hate throwing away food. Hate it. I feel so guilty every time! Anybody else? So I love banana bread as a way to use… link decorationRead More

Organic Crispy Parmesan Baked Sweet Potato Chips Recipe

Woman's hand dipping a crispy baked sweet potato chips recipe into ranch dressing

Learn how to make this deliciously crispy Parmesan baked sweet potato chips as the perfect side dish! This Parmesan herb crispy baked sweet potato chips recipe is a delicious way to add some color and crunchy texture to your lunch,… link decorationRead More

Recipe: Citrus Marinated Shrimp Skewers for Grilling

Whip up a batch of these fresh citrus marinated shrimp skewers for grilling at your next bbq! (Recipe updated May 2019) If you’re on the hunt for a simple appetizer or side dish for a dinner party, BBQ or date… link decorationRead More