My Shop’s First Month

Shrimp Salad Circus Watercolor Painting

My little shop has been open for almost a month now! It’s been wonderful so far, with such an outpouring of support to get me through launch day and the first few weeks. Naturally, a few thanks are in order! Thank you so much to Kriste for this incredibly sweet write-up and to Laicie, Carlene, and Karen for helping me ring in opening day on Twitter. Oh, and thanks to Nicole for stopping my booth at the Oktoberfest show.

Thank you to everyone who’s supported my shop in any other way this first month–by making a purchase, sharing the love on social media, or joining my free VIP Club. I obviously wouldn’t be able to do this without any of you guys, and I never forget how grateful I am for that.

I’ve been adding to my listings a few times a week, so check back for new goods every now and then. I love taking on custom work, like watercolor portraits and wedding pictures, so if you have something in mind for the holidays, don’t hesitate to get in touch–I’d love to work with you!

P.S. The November VIP Club email goes out on Monday, so if you haven’t joined yet (it’s free!), don’t miss your chance to get November’s exclusive coupon and freebie!

Shrimp Salad Circus Trinket TraysShrimp Salad Circus Trinket TraysShrimp Salad Circus Tea Bag RestsShrimp Salad Circus Trinket TraysShrimp Salad Circus Coffee MugsShrimp Salad Circus Coffee Mugs


Guys Gifts Under $50 . 2014 Holiday Gift Guides

Guys Gifts Under $50

I know it’s not even Halloween yet (until Friday!!!), so it seems a little early to be thinking about the holidays, but getting a jump on gift shopping is SO satisfying! Since guys are notoriously difficult to shop for, let’s start with them. I’ll get into more extravagant goods later on, but let’s start with guys gifts under $50.

These are all fun, not too cliché (okay, okay – they’re a little cliche…), and best of all–affordable. I’m a total sentimental fool, so I’m a total sucker for anything to preserve memories and capture all those little moments. That’s why I love that ticket stub album especially, and you could gift it pre-filled with a few old tickets!

  1. Pizza T-shirt . $25
  2. Personalized Wallet . $37
  3. Urban Man Beard Pack . $49
  4. Personalized Keychain . $18
  5. Socks . $10
  6. Amazon Fire TV Stick . $39
  7. Custom Carved Heart Canvas . $50
  8. Whiskey Stones Set . $34
  9. Ticket Stub Album . $14
  10. Bacon Boxers . $9

Since we all know that men are so hard to shop for, I’d love to hear your personal experiences. What has been the best gift you’ve ever gotten for a guy in your life? It can be your boyfriend, hubby, dad, brother–anybody!

This is the first of the season, but what other gift guides would you like to see before the holidays this year?!


Pumpkin Donut Tutorial . Good Eats

Pumpkin Donut Tutorial

I’m back with another fun bakery post this week! Since we’re all gearing up for Halloween, and since everybody loves donuts, I’ve created a pumpkin donut tutorial. And just to let you know, this post is sponsored by Rich Foods, but I thought up the project all on my own! Since a lot of us don’t have time to make some elaborate treat from scratch, this tutorial takes out most of the work. You can pick up some pre-made mini donuts from the grocery bakery section, and the rest is pretty much just melting, dipping, and eating! Read on for a giveaway and the full tutorial!


The whole premise behind #GiveBakery is to inspire us all to show appreciation for the people in our lives just because. My “just because” for this project is all the “grownups” who think they’re too old to do Halloween. You’ve gotta take time to eat total junk food and act completely ridiculous, friends!!!

Pumpkin Donut Tutorial

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Pumpkin Donut TutorialPumpkin Donut TutorialPumpkin Donut TutorialPumpkin Donut TutorialPumpkin Donut TutorialPumpkin Donut TutorialPumpkin Donut Tutorial

Pumpkin Donut Tutorial
Prep time
Total time
Recipe type: Dessert
Serves: 16
  • Pre-made mini powdered donuts
  • White or orange candy melts
  • Orange gel food coloring (if using white candy melts)
  • Green chewy candy, like Laffy Taffy, Airheads, or Starburst
  1. Separate any broken or crumbling donuts, and lay out the good ones on a sheet of parchment or wax paper.
  2. In a microwave-safe bowl, heat the candy melts according to the package instructions. Be careful not to overheat them because the chocolate can scorch or seize up, which you can't fix.
  3. If you used white melts, use a toothpick to add a few drops of orange gel food coloring. You want to be sure to use gel, not regular, because the liquid in the regular could cause the chocolate to seize up.
  4. Grab the donuts one at a time, and dip them ⅔ of the way into the melted chocolate. Pull the donuts back out with a swirling motion to evenly coat them. Immediately set them on your sheet of parchment paper to cool.
  5. While the donuts are cooling, roll the green candy between your hands until you have long, thin ropes of it. Use a sharp knife to trim small segments. Dip the ends into the chocolate to "glue" the stems onto the pumpkins.
  6. Optional: You can use the extra candy to make pumpkin "vines," and you can dip a paintbrush into food coloring to paint stripes onto the pumpkins.