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When I started taking on advertisers waaay back in September, there was an added bonus that I hadn’t anticipated. I’ve met so many wonderful, incredibly talented ladies who I’ve grown to admire and feel quite attached to! Patty, Crystal, and Katie have been around for ages, and it’s wonderful to have all these new creatives join in. I’m always in excellent company here on le Shrimp, don’t you think!?
Just click each image to be taken to the shop or blog. Have you found a great new shop or blog in one of my sponsors this month? 

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    What a fun surprise to see my name on your blog in big letters- I almost feel like I’m a movie star or something! :) I love the community that you’ve built on your blog and am always inspired by the things you post. Keep up the amazing work and thank you so much for allowing me to be a sponsor!

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