andrea and luke’s vintage rustic wedding

February 26, 2012 separator wedding

When I stumbled across Andrea and Luke’s wedding photos on Miss Moss, I was blown away. It’s just so perfectly vintage-meets-rustic-meets-perfect!! You can get more details, like the designer of that lovely dress, at Miss Moss. Shanna Jones, the gifted photog behind these lovely images, has lots more pictures of the wedding on her website

I think that this event is inspiring for way more than just a wedding. How wonderful would these ideas be for a 50th anniversary party?! I’m envisioning a long table with these bell jars running down the center, full of pictures of the couple over the years. 

The vast majority of us aren’t fortunate enough to have a drop-dead gorgeous family farm (Yes – seriously, it’s her family’s farm!), but you could do a sweet little garden party with the girls using a lot of these same ideas – little plants, burlap table runners, and vintage jars and vessels!

I just love these nude, neutral dresses. They match without matching, which is wonderfully outside the box and something I’m glad is catching on. 

I had to share this photo for the sheer fact that the bathroom is gorgeous. It might be overwhelming for a home bathroom without such a large space, but I can’t get over the elegance. I’m a huge fan of those sinks, too (Though I’m certain my cats would absolutely live in one… If you have cats, you understand.). 


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