Coveting – Violet

February 25, 2012 separator color inspiration

I was really good about keeping away from Pinterest for a little while, but my addiction has come back with a fiery vengeance. It eats up chunks of time that I’ll never get back, though I do find them well-spent, all said and done…

I decided to do a colorful inspiration post today from one of my Pinterest boards. I’ve set out to do a board in every color, and violet is first (or last, depending on how look at it, I suppose…) on the spectrum! I’ve got the boards all arranged at the top, and it’s a really nice effect, I think.

  1. Cupcake and Lemon Engagement Shoot  .  Whimsical Wonderland Weddings
  2. On the Sidewalk  .  The Indigo Bunting
  3. Stormy Morning Creme de Violette Cocktail  .  The Frame Table
  4. Deep Modern Love Seat  .  ligne roset
  5. Glittery Amethyst Druzy Chunk Jewelry  .  The Art of Brilliance Found Jewelry
  6. Custom Long Linen Tunic Sundress  .  Camellia Tune Eco-Conscious Clothing
  7. Homemade Violet Extract  .  Bitter Sweet
  8. Calming Brown Sugar Scrub  .  Craftinomicon
  9. Buenos Aires Street Art  .  Amazing Graffiti Design
Does anybody else organize their pins/boards by color? Link them in the comments!

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