wanna be friends?

October 19, 2011 separator Uncategorized

I know I ramble a lot on here, but if you just can’t get enough, I blather on elsewhere as well. Three elsewheres, to be exact. I also share pictures of my wonderfully mundane everyday moments. On particularly good days, you might even be able to catch a snap of Rosco doing yoga or my worst fears manifested in all their faux vintage-ized glory…

I’d love to have you as a new social media amiga/o! Just click the icons above to hunt me down. Stop by and say hello so  so that I can say hey back!!! 

credit: deer – Mellowmint, doilies – Pugly Pixel


  1. Rachael – hahahaha love it. You’re officially my new bestie. 😉

    – Lindsay

  2. Oh, wow! Cast in this new light, our brief twitter conversation last night (@justedana) suddenly has so much MEANING! Hah.

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