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Mad Men via My Disguises 

Here it is. The long-awaited Post III in the DIY Halloween series. Here’s what you’re gonna be if you’re going in a group. If anybody can figure out how to make a decent Yoshi costume, hit me up. If you’re an individual lady looking for a getup, click here. If you’re looking to go with your special somebody, friend or extra special, click here. If you’re trying to figure out how best to torment your cat or dog for endless photo opportunities, come back soon. I won’t disappoint.

 Mario Kart via Best Costumes Ever

Scooby Doo via Yellow Pear Photography

 Angry Birds via Dragonfly Designs

The Justice League via Screen Rant 

 plastic soliders via Best Costume Ever

Wizard of Oz via BleachDespu


  1. My friends and I were a huge group of tetris blocks in new york city a couple years ago. It was so much fun! The costumes took quite a while to make: we used plastic tablecloths from a party store and outlined each box with black electrical tape. This was a good idea since it rained that whole night! We ran around the city singing the theme song, having other strangers “play” us in the street, causing roadblocks and general debauchery.
    Here’s a video of us:

  2. I once went as the flintstones with 3 other people. I was Wilma (complete with orange wig, big white necklace etc) It was so much fun 🙂



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