diy halloween costumes for everybody

September 3, 2013




Does it seem a bit early to be thinking about Halloween? I mean, heck, it’s only early-September still, right? Sure. Yeah. 


If you want to be sure you have the most epic costume out of all your friends, and you don’t want to spend your unborn children’s future inheritance, then you’ve got to think ahead, sista!

Also, have you ever noticed how it seems like the less fabric a costume has, the more you pay? Like, a sexy candy corn costs way more than a witch, for example. Just sayin… That’s why I’ve put together a collection of my favorite DIY costumes and tutorials for couples, groups, friends, babies, pets (can’t forget the animals!) and women/ladies. I’ll add a men’s costume roundup in the next couple weeks.

Explore the links above to get some inspiration, and share you favorites and your own DIY costumes in the comments!

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  1. OH MY GOODNESS I’m so stoked for Halloween this year. 🙂 Thanks for the ideas!

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