Baby it’s [Really Freakin’] Cold Outside

February 19, 2015 separator Uncategorized

Baby its Cold Outside

I’m stuck on mustard yellow this week. I’m also (tragically) stuck on the fact that it’s really, really effing cold outside and in my office right now. I headed to work in a windchill of ZERO this morning, and that’s just not really okay with me. If it’s going to be this cold, I don’t want to leave the house. I’d much rather be curled up with a cup tea in front of the fireplace with my feline foot-warmers! In an effort to make the best of it all, I’ve put together a little list of winter activities, warm and cozy things, and some retail therapy (list contains a few affiliate links, btw).

P.S. I’m dying to know… Are you a winter person, or do you hate this mess as much as I do?!

Things You May or May Not Totally Need to Try…

  1. How to shoot and edit a snowflake
  2. Spiced gingerbread snowflake cookies
  3. Two more days for this week’s mustard yellow challenge
  4. Please make your baby wear this
  5. Frozen bubbles as a speech therapy activity
  6. Winter/spring sale 40% off
  7. Fuzzy little hanging cactus cozy
  8. My can’t-live-without winter staple
  9. Pretty little dancing snowflakes tutorial

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