Robin Norgren’s Sailboat . Color Inspiration

February 18, 2015 separator be inspired

Robin Norgren Color InspirationAn Assistant Montessori Teacher, Robin Norgren is on a first-name basis with just about every color on the spectrum, and it makes for a bright, happy explosion of creativity. Robin writes and creates heart-opening books, workbooks, and classes that invite people to commune with God and explore their creative side as a means to navigate through the trials of life, so it’s no surprise that she’s comfortable mixing every type of media for a fun, funky finished product.

Robin’s Beautiful Bereavement

I selected this piece from Robin’s many works because of the wild mingle of color, texture, and shape that come together for this wonderful piece (You have to see it full-size!). It’s part of a series of sailboats that Robin worked on in 2014 while processing the death of her father. When I asked to her to elaborate on what inspired her choices, Robin said, “the theme of sailboats and being adrift trying to find some peace in the midst of the sadness really caused me to play in color and texture in a few different ways. I find that these colors really spoke to me as a way to capture the richness and depth of the changes going on in my life as that moment.”

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