Forget Her – Be Better Than Yourself

November 20, 2014 separator Life

Better Than Yourself

I shared a similar quote yesterday that started the beginnings of a conversation. We spend so much time comparing ourselves and our lives to the next rung on the ladder, but what if we focused that inward instead? What if, instead of I’ve touched on (free printable) this topic before, but I think it’s a problem that’s only growing further out of control every day. Comparison is too easy. Everything in our lives is so quantifiable now: number of friends? Check Facebook. Tweet This But what if, instead of trying to measure up to the girl next door, you simply try to be better than yourself?

The Solution? Be Better Than Yourself

But here’s a better idea: stop checking Facebook. Don’t worry about how many likes so-and-so got on her last Instagram photo. Who cares if that girl from high school threw a magazine-worthy first birthday party for her baby?

To reference a preschool staple, “Worry ’bout yo’ self.”


I know, I know… Easier said than done. Here’s the thing, though. All that comparison is sucking the joy out of your life. Instead of appreciating your own small victories, you’re fretting that you only ran a 5K when your neighbor ran a half-marathon. Guess what? You ran 3.1 miles! You’re getting healthy and becoming a better you! Cheesy? Absolutely. But true? Hell yes!

So, my challenge to all of us — I’m guilty of this, too — is to be in the moment this holiday soon. If you want, buy a freakin’ pre-cooked grocery store turkey for Thanksgiving. Hell, go to a restaurant if that’s what you want to do! As you put everybody’s cheesy holiday photo cards up on the mantel, take a moment to be happy for them for where they are in their lives, and then move on. Find the good in your own day, and figure out a way to be even more of that tomorrow.