2014 Words to Live By

January 9, 2014 separator be inspired

Let’s pretend like today is January first. Maybe even second. Because that’s when I meant to post this… I saw lots of people posting a word for the year on Instagram, and I decided it’s a nice idea, just to have something to keep thinking back to like that.
2013 was an absolute whirlwind of ups, down, memories, and chaos. Between a car accident, my wedding, special events for work, my bachelorette party, back surgery, and everything sandwiched in between, it was a big year. It flew by, and while I enjoyed all those moments, I feel like I spent too many of them planning for the next thing on the list.
I chose ‘be present’ as my word(s) for this year to remind myself to enjoy the moment I’m in, rather than constantly pushing forward to the next one. It’s a cycle I need to break now before I look back at another year. This is my little reminder to slow down and relax!
If you could pick any word or phrase to set the tone for your 2014, what would it be? 


  1. I love this word for the year. I’m participating in the One Little Word project and my word for the year is BALANCE. A lot of it has to do with the fact that I want to be present. I tend to put too much on my plate so I’m so busy that sometimes I don’t even notice when my husband is speaking to me! It’s a terrible thing – so I’m learning how to balance my life better this year so the important things always get my time. http://www.thefitknitter.com

  2. Happy New Year, love this post, Mine would be ‘Mindfulness’. Thats what Im working on being this year…

    1. Mindfulness is a great one, Saibh. We could all do well to be more mindful in everything we do!

  3. Happy New Year! My motto for 2014 is “Be Brave”. I was inspired by that new Sara Barielles song. =) Best wishes on the new year and new adventures!


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