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July 4, 2011 separator Before & After

Remember Katie of Lemon Jitters and her lamp redo last week? Well, she’s back with an even more impressive project today! Oh, and here’s what Katie has to say about the ‘before:’ “Interesting story – I purchased these items via Craigslist and wouldn’t you know- the seller is also an Etsy shop owner! Small world, right? (Or okay, maybe Etsy is actually a huge world). The seller has a very cute blog and a sweet shop– check it out!”

Get the rest of of the details, including the “after” after the jump!

Time: about 6 hours, overnight drying

Budget: $15 – paint and primer 

In Katie’s Words: Bam! Two shades of grey, one of which I got for $5 in the OOPS! section of Home Depot. A whole gallon of Behr paint for $5, you guys!! 

Side note – My sweet husband (of one month!) had this great idea to avoid sock mismates. You know, we all hate that single sock that shows up with no explanation, probably having been out all night, roaming the streets a leetle tipsy, stumbling home without it’s mate. Well, my husby decides that every time one of these socks shows up, he will line it up on ‘his’ dresser until the mate shows up. 

*Clears throat* “Sweetie, that is a pretty good plan but you aren’t living the bachelor life anymore. I’m sorry, we can’t leave these socks out.” I probably didn’t say it quite that kindly but the memory is fuzzy…maybe Iam that pleasant? 

You know what? The socks are still out a week later. Sigh. 

Katie is the over-analytical mind and creative spirit behind Lemon Jitters and The Common Jar. She loves Salt & Vinegar chips, vintage discoveries of all sorts, infusing imagination into life, and Black Tie Chocolate Mousse Cake. She enjoys bringing Shrimp readers a computer desktop background every month and a potpourri of digital art bits twice a month.
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  1. O wow–that’s so much better! Sometimes I’m blown away by just one coat of paint.

  2. AMAZING make-over! If I lived close to you I’d have to seriously beg, borrow, or steal to get you to hand it over. ;-> Great job!

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