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June 29, 2011 separator DIY Tutorial

Hellooo, le Shrimpers! I hope you guys caught yesterday’s before & after post with a thrift store lamp transformation. Here’s the skinny on a quick and easy lampshade redo. 
  • spray adhesive
  • enough fabric to cover the shade
  • strong glue (I recommend E6000)
  • scissors
  • ribbon (optional)
1.   If your lamp shade has a trim, remove trim carefully and save for later.
2.   Find the seam of your lamp shade and spray a little adhesive on the seam. 
3.   Line your fabric up with the top of the lamp shade and along the seam. Make sure to fold your fabric over to make a clean edge along the seam. Firmly press your fabric to the lampshade where you’ve sprayed adhesive. 
4.   At this point, I could tell where I needed to trim excess fabric along the edges. So, trim away!
5.   Spray adhesive as you firmly press your fabric down and smooth wrinkles out. Continue all the way around until you reach the seam, where you will again fold your fabric for a clean edge. You may need to use the E6000 on the seams, just to secure the fabric. 
6.   Fold fabric down along inside of the shade. 
Step 7: Remember that trim you carefully removed? Use that to cover the fabric on the inside of your shade for a clean edge! 
Ta-da! Easy, huh? Be careful with that spray adhesive – that stuff is majorly strong. My hands were super sticky. But, I actually found that it worked better than the E6000, even on the edges/seam. Personal preference. Both did the job. See the before/after post for more images of the shade!

Katie is the over-analytical mind and creative spirit behind The Common Jar and Lemon Jitters. She loves Salt & Vinegar chips, vintage discoveries of all sorts, infusing imagination into life, and Black Tie Chocolate Mousse Cake. She enjoys bringing Shrimp readers a computer desktop background every month and a potpourri of digital art bits twice a month.


  1. My daughter and I made 1 ,the top of the lamp had a a strange top,but through creativity we did it.It was so fun.I love doing crafts with her.

  2. I didn’t realize you could glue fabric with just spray glue (i guess you use a little more than that on the edges) but that’s such a smart effective way to do it!

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