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June 28, 2011 separator Before & After

I’ll bet you had no idea how versatile Ms. Katie of Lemon Jitters was! That’s right – she’s good for WAY more than pretty jewelry and haute downloads. She’s settling into her new house with her new hubs in Boulder, CO (Go ahead – be jealous. I know I am!), and she’s doing it in style! Oh, and get excited because tomorrow she’s back to show us how to recover a lamp shade!  

Get the rest of of the details, including the “after” after the jump!

Time: 1 hour – Recover the shade while your primer dries!

Budget: $10 – paint, fabric, and adhesive

In Katie’s Words: This is an easy project that will only take as long as it takes your paint to dry! I’m sure everyone has seen these ugly gold lamps at your local thrift store – I scored this one for $5! I primed and painted the lamp stand. Then I recovered the lamp shade with extra fabric I had lying around. I tried to capture the linen-like gray fabric I used – a subtle but definite improvement. Stay tuned for a how-to post with tips for recovering lamp shades! 

Katie is the over-analytical mind and creative spirit behind Lemon Jitters and The Common Jar. She loves Salt & Vinegar chips, vintage discoveries of all sorts, infusing imagination into life, and Black Tie Chocolate Mousse Cake. She enjoys bringing Shrimp readers a computer desktop background every month and a potpourri of digital art bits twice a month.

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  1. Lindsay,

    Please let Miss Katie know how great these tutorials are. I have an old black floor lamp in the garage that might just see new life as I try to plan how to decorate my new digs. That is if the bank okays my offer. These short sales can be maddening!


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