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July 9, 2014 separator be inspired

Do you believe that things happen for a reason?
I’ve only lived in the DC area for about six weeks now, but I feel like I’m part of this incredible community of creatives that I met a couple weeks ago. Joy of Mornings Like These and Rebecca of A Daily Something hosted the first-ever Blog Brunch DC at Lauren and Rachel’s beautiful, airy Sweet Root Village studio in Old Town Alexandria. I spent an afternoon sharing stories and being completely inspired by 20 or so other women while we munched on all sorts of brunch fare that was almost too pretty to eat. 
Being around people so brimming with creativity and hearing about the different paths they’ve taken to get where they are today gave me a much-needed second wind – a renewal of plans and ideas. More than that, though, my head is spinning with future collaboration possibilities. I’m so grateful for the perfectly-timed opportunity to meet everyone and can’t wait for the next get together! 
All photos are courtesy of Sweet Root Village with a sprinkling from Love Knot Photo. Thanks for doing such a killer job capturing the day, ladies!


    1. Ahh that’s so exciting! We’ll have to meet up at the next blogger event! I have a couple workshops coming up. 😀

  1. It really was wonderful – I’ll have to catch you at a conference or something so we can hang out in person!

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