DIYs to Add a Bright Pop of Color to Your Home & Accessories

January 8, 2016 separator Weekly Roundup

Easy DIY Projects to Add a Bright Pop of Color to Your Home and Accessories


How has your first week of 2016 been?! Mine has been but already surprisingly hectic. I guess I shouldn’t be surprised, right? Through the holidays and onto the next thing we go! Speaking of “the next thing,” did you meet my new contributors and see Ana’s post yesterday? Be sure to go show her some love and welcome her to the team!

Now, onto my internet faves of the week. It finally got cold, so I’m craving bright, happy colors and springy vibes. Disclousre: there are a couple affiliate links in here for some of my favorite items, so thanks for supporting le Shrimp!

  1. Because you can’t go wrong bright + metallic
  2. A subtle, understated project with the perfect little geometric pops
  3. Just wait till you see the hook it took to make this
  4. Oh, to have a space like that in the first place
  5. The perfect addition to any neutral outfit, obviously
  6. My newest favorite accessory (besides these, of course)
  7. If you want to learn to sew, but “ain’t nobody got time for that
  8. Because it finally got cold for winter
  9. Howreally feel about all that
  10. A cuppa tea and a spot of bright, happy color
  11. Just got these and hoping they’ll help me actually use my new planner
  12. Always the best way to start any sort of new project
  13. For whenever we buy a house because YES

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