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  1. Vaseline: I’m addicted to petroleum jelly.  I slather it on my lips every night before I go to sleep (and wake up to nary a crack or dry spot) and use it to remove my eye make-up.  If I was only allowed one beauty product the rest of my life, Vaseline would be the one.
  2. Unfrosted Brown Sugar Cinnamon Pop Tarts: I’ve done the math, and I’m pretty sure I have consumed over 4,000 of these Pop Tarts in my lifetime.  I can’t explain why I find them so much more delicious without the frosting, but as their website explains, “The only thing between you and the delicious filling is the golden crust.”  Truth, Pop Tarts website.  Truth.  (Unfortunately, I haven’t found these where I live, so my mother-in-law ships them to me from Oklahoma!)
  3. Skype: I have lived 2+ hours away from my parents for almost ten years now (and currently am 1,457 miles away!), and Skype has been our lifeline for years.  We have a scheduled date every Sunday night to catch up “face-to-face” and, now that I’m married, we have a weekly Skype sesh with his folks too!
  4. Celine Dion: Listen, y’all.  Everyone in the world has felt the need for a good power ballad once in awhile.  Celine is my go-to chick for that.  She’s French and beautiful; she’s so enthusiastic she beats her chest about it; she wears tiny fringed dresses at 44 years old; and she’s aiming an arrow straight for your heart.  I don’t think I’ve ever heard a Celine song that didn’t immediately become my jam, but a few faves:  I’ve rocked so hard to “It’s All Coming Back to Me Now;” I’ve blown my car speakers, and I find it impossible to stay in my seat when I hear her cover of “River Deep/Mountain High.”
  5. Saturday Night Live: My Sunday morning ritual is to watch the previous night’s SNL.  This is mostly due to my deep, deep love of pop culture, because no one covers it, mocks it, or celebrates the ridiculousness of it better than those guys in 8H.  Also, SNL has one of the greatest Facebook timelines I’ve ever seen; go visit, scroll all the way back to 1975, and school yourself in 37 years of pop culture history.
  6. Day Runner Appointment Book: I’m an old-fashioned girl who is averse to technology, so I like to keep my schedule and my to-do list in hard copy form.  The Day Runner Weekly/Monthly Planning Calendar is the perfect size, perfect set-up, and perfect weight for me, knowing that I write down my entire life’s plan inside and carry it with me at all times.  Clip a pen onto the cover, and keep a few paper clips handy for stray papers; you’ve got the ultimate life-planner.

Thanks to Valerie of Dottie Adele and Threads Thoughts Things for keeping you guys company while I’m away for a couple weeks in Europe! She has put together the quirkest, most fun collection of things she can’t live without, and she’s got me rocking out to Celine as I write this! Be sure to support my vacation guests with lots of comment love!


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  2. oh these are great. and not gonna lie, i have some major love for celine… i should definitely go give her stuff a listen, like right now.

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