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Meet CAPow! This wonder woman just recently got engaged, became a new mommy to this little fellow (who finally has a name), and has a pretty killer job (besides being an incredible artist, of course…)! She shares my love of fur babies, snapshots, and staying mobile. She’s nothing like me in that she can put her thoughts onto paper in a way that I can’t quite wrap my mind around.

What is the one most interesting thing about you? I thought about this question for a few minutes, and I can’t decide if this fact is interesting or tragic, but here it goes! I can spend hours and hours watching interior design shows and scouring design blogs for great inspiration, but when it comes to implementing it in my own space, I feel totally lost and can never get together exactly what I envision. I don’t understand how someone who can understand 2D space so well really can’t seem to get a grasp on 3D design.

What’s your favorite quote? My favorite quote is “Live what you love.” I have tried to hard to get to a place in life where I am following this quote, and for the first time I feel like I’m closer than ever! I have a great partner in my life, we just bought our first home, I’m lucky enough to work for a company I love in addition to working on my art, and to top it all off we just got a puppy. It feels like all the pieces are starting to fall in place to allow me to live what I love for a really long time.

When did you start your shop? I opened the CAPow! Shop in January of 2008, though it didn’t evolve into what it is today until some time in 2010. I started off selling handmade wallets, but when that started to feel like a chore, I decided to throw some art in my shop and see if anyone was interested!

What do you do when you hit a creative block? I’ve been working on finishing the same series for a few years now. Once it’s completed, I’m not sure where I’m going to go next, and I’m not sure how I’m going to handle that creative block yet.

What is your favorite thing to make or do? I love to draw and photograph, but two other things I REALLY enjoy are crocheting and baking. I’ve been making Granny Square afghans for years and I find it very relaxing to just sit down for an hour or so and crank out some Grannies. Last summer I taught myself how to bake French Macarons, and they are my go-to for any occasion. I haven’t figured out the kitchen in our new house well enough to make any, the last batch I made was last Thanksgiving when I baked a pumpkin pie macaron and a cranberry macaron. I’m looking forward to getting a Kitchenaid mixer some day and really perfecting my process.

What inspires your creativity? I’m lucky enough to be surrounded by creativity and creative people all day every day. There is so much out there that I find inspiring, i can’t be narrowed down to a few choices.

What is your favorite blog? Online shop? My favorite blog is still the blog that got me into blogs: Rockstar Diaries. Naomi and her family are so beautiful. They definitely inspire me to strive everyday to live what I love.

My favorite online shop is not a simple answer. There are so many inspiring shops on Etsy that it’s impossible for me to single one out, so I’m going to take the easy answer on this one and say that my favorite online shop is Etsy! 

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We mustn’t forget about one of my favorite things to grace the hallowed pages of Etsy – the CAPow! Hometown Hearts collection. You can get any city that exists on a map with a conversation heart of your choice. This would be the sweetest thing for the newly engaged or wed, don’t you think?!

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