Simple, Affordable Halloween Decorating

October 26, 2011 separator Uncategorized

Sometimes it’s just the littlest things that make the biggest difference. (I was kind of hoping I was bucking the norm using ‘littlest,’ but Chrome seems to think its already mainstream acceptable. Damn…) Here is my half-assed attempt at Halloween decor under the guise of such terms as “classy,” “sophisticated,” “minimalist,” and so on. 

The part you dears might like? It ran me about $3. Seriously friends, hit up Hobby Lobby for some faux webby (and tell me if you figure out how to properly install the mess), and buy some edible goods. That’s it. 

Record player? Yeah – spider web that. ‘Nuff said. 

Tiny little porch with some herbs facing their last days on earth? Web that, too. Like the spoon? (It says ‘basil’ in Spanish, so yes – you like it.) Learn to make one yourself right here

Chocolate eyeballs. They cost me all of a buck fiddy at the local grocery, and they’re wonderfully kitschy and odd-ball (eyeball?) when tucked into all the right places.

This one’s weak. I can admit that. I wrapped a white tissue around a cast-iron ballerina. Judge me. Knock yourselves out.

This last bit? I cheated. I only have one antique porcelain glove mold. It just make the rounds of vintagey decor fest. I like it better jutting out from my tragic lettuce crop, but there is a flock of little boys ever on safari in my parking lot, so I thought it best not to lead them to a fresh kill, lest they make off with it for good. 


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