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Lindsay, the sweetheart behind Scenic Glory, is a favorite of mine for even more reasons than sharing my name (and spelling it properly). She has a beautiful blog, designs even more beautiful blogs, and has quit her day job to blog, design, and sell gourmet snacks out of a vintage trailer. She shares my guilt in squishing bugs and enjoys sewing, but the commonalities have to end somewhere, I suppose… She’s 5 feet tall to my 5’10”! Read on for Lindsay’s own words and the story behind Scarlet & Cream, the sno-cone trailer to be!

What is the one most interesting thing about you?  I recently quit my full time job to pursue my dream of becoming a full time designer and blogger. Now I have set a new dream for myself to start up a diner style food truck!

What’s your favorite quote? “Celebrate we will, because life is short but sweet for certain.” – DMB

When did you start your blog? I started my blog one year ago in November… I can’t believe it’s been a year already!!

What do you do when you hit a writer’s block? I look to Pinterest for inspiration… seriously, it always works!

What is your favorite thing to make or do? I love to take pictures… It’s my newest hobby and I haven’t looked back since

Why should we read your blog? Scenic Glory is a place for inspiration, creativity and design – let your spirit take flight!

    What inspires your creativity? My dreams… seriously, some of my most creative ideas come from the dreams I have at night.  Also… other bloggers certainly inspire my creativity!!!

      What is your favorite blog? My current favorite blog read is katie’s pencil box – that pretty lady takes the most beautiful pictures!

      The Scenic Route
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      Lindsay and her hubby Matthew are starting a sno-cone and fair confectionery out of a vintage trailer. They’re not just toying with the idea here, people; they have bought the trailer!!! Read on for the full story behind Scarlet & Cream!

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      1. Thank you for sharing this. Lindsay seems lovely and I have just subscribed to her blog. I’m looking forward to hearing how her brave new ventures go, I so admire people who take that plunge to follow their dreams.

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