Counting Coffee Beans – Color Inspiration

June 17, 2015 separator be inspired

Color Inspiration Padurariu Alexandru

Sometimes we can get so caught up in the whole of something that we forget to notice the thousands of intricate parts, shades, and elements of it. That’s why I love this coffee bean image by Padurariu Alexandru.

Yeah, it’s brown. Except that it’s not just brown, and even if it were, there’s an infinite number of browns hidden in there. But there are also dusty pinks and lavenders, desaturated shades of plum, reflections that are almost white, and shadows that are absolutely black.

P.S. This image is available free for any use here.

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  1. Hey, Lindsay and thank you for sharing! 🙂 Nice website! All the best!

    1. Definitely – so fun to pull out the “hidden” colors in a picture that seems a little more monochromatic!

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