Comparison is a B*tch

January 22, 2015 separator be inspired


We’re our own worst critics. We pick apart our perceived “flaws” and reduce ourselves to second-rate citizens. More than that, though, we compare ourselves — our “worst qualities” — to somebody else’s best ones. This is something that drives me nuts, and I’ve blabbed about it here (w/free printable) and here.

My Sketchbook Soapbox

I cut this picture from a-catalog-that-shall-not-be-named and pasted it into my sketchbook, unsure what I’d do with it but knowing that it was going to fuel one hell of a rant.

When I glued that supermodel into my book, the way the image ran across two pages inspired me. It reminded me of two sides of a coin: “you/us” on one side and “her” on the other, our perception of her and her own (theoretical) perception of herself.

Comparison & Being a B*tch

As I filled the pages with these imagined thoughts, descriptions, and perceptions, it occurred to me that as much as we might note how “perfect” someone else is, especially compared to ourselves, we also try to justify “why” she’s perfect. And that often means placing blame and being kind of a bitch, if we’re being honest. (Tweet This) “Nobody looks like that naturally. She’s totally Photoshopped and probably had plastic surgery.” “She’s so thin that she probably doesn’t even eat. She can’t be healthy.”


Meanwhile, since we all obsess over our own imperfections, she’s doing the same thing to herself. So she doesn’t need our judgment because again, we’re our own worst critics. So instead of beating ourselves up for not being “as good as” and then being snarky about anyone who’s “too good,” let’s just focus on what’s good about ourselves and each other, shall we? 

Your Turn

Join me over on Instagram or here in the comments, and tell me: what do you really like about yourself? It can be something small and silly, like your ears, or it can be something crazy big, like your entire outlook on life! 


    1. I just popped over to your blog to sneak a peek, and I LOVE IT! The haircut’s amazing, and you have beautiful eyes, too, btw. 😀

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