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February 26, 2011

As you may have noticed, I get bored easily. My hair is no exception. I’ve gone short(er), gotten bangs, and done it up bright red so far, but I’m getting antsy again. I’m going back and forth between lavender and aqua for a little streak underneath. I’ve gotten lots of good advice from a couple lovely ladies on Twitter, and I think I’m just going to settle on a color when I get to the store… 




What are your thoughts on absurdly unnatural hair colors? 


  1. Hey! I have been DYING for lavender hair color!!!! Where do I find the color????

  2. The funky color I love is magenta. I did it once but it needs alot of up keep. I didn’t keep it too long because of it. But I loved the magenta low lights while I had them.

  3. I used to put purple in my hair when I was a blonde, then brunette, and blonde again. But, I did have to bleach the sections I wanted to end up lavender when my hair was brunette. Good luck!

  4. dip dyed hair was EVERYWHERE at London Fashion Week!so if you’re going to do it, do it NOW, as its about to be huge!x

  5. I had purple and black hair for a while and got compliments on it everywhere I went. The trick is to do the color in a way that’s noticeable but not over the top. That way you avoid looking like a rebellious teenager. Go with lavender!

  6. go for the lavender!!! hmmmm maybe I should do a high light?? never did anything before and would really like something cool! But I’m 34 don’t know if I could pull it off.

  7. Lavender would be pretty. Are you doing it yourself? If your hair is brunette then you need to lighten it first or the lavender won’t show. I was a hair stylist for nearly a decade and I never enjoyed doing the ‘unnatural’ colours because they are very fussy and unpredictable. But on certain people I do like the look – and these pale pastels that are showing up lately are quite fun.

  8. So I should’ve mentioned that I’m muy brunette, but I just bought the lavender, for better or worse!

  9. If I was young enough to pull it off, I would definitely go with the lavender(if you are a blonde). Lovely, and a real attention getter for sure! :)Terri

  10. The lavender & last one are my favorites – I wish I was still young enough to get away with this – my tastes haven’t changed, but my age has…

    I had a friend in college with long, blonde hair, and we did a similar look as the last photo using kool-aid.

    They’re all very cute!

  11. Assuming you are a blonde, I like the last one, the faded lilac. I saw a girl the other day with soft wavy blonde hair and faded blue streaks, and she got quite a few compliments!

  12. Aqua is my favorite color, but I’m really digging the lavender look! You should totally go for it!!

  13. If I were you, I would totally do the lavender. It looks awesome. Plus, aqua can make you look like you have chlorine hair. Not so hot.

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