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February 28, 2011 separator Fashion

I love alliteration. And glitter. And wasting time contributing to the veritable sea of morning-after Oscar posts. I’m in the midst (okay, okay – the beginning, really…) of writing a bear of a thesis, so naturally I have to find ways to spend my time that won’t lessen my burden or guilt come class time tonight…

I’m typically pretty Gwyneth-neutral, but she worked one of my fave looks last night. She’s gotten some flack for not going daring enough with this one, but I love the class lines, plunging neck, and the sparkle and shimmer of the whole thing. I’m on a major sparkle and shine kick right now. Major.

Now, onto JHud… Okay, the goods are hiked up a bit unnaturally high, but she is rocking this dress, and the color is absolutely to die for. Perfect (but put those things away, honey!).

Mila rocked this interesting number. The color is just lovely (helloooo, lavender obsession…), and the lines really suit her. It was a gamble, but I think she really nailed it and stood out in a sea of tame, overly classic, or desperate dresses. 

I. Love. This. Dress. I just love everything about it. The ivory complements Florence’s fair skin perfectly, and I just love the lacy bodice. This is just classic in the best way possible, and can I just tell you how jealous I am of that gorgeous hair?!

Have I mentioned my obsession with sparkles right now? Yes? Well I’ll just say it again – I love the glitz of this beautiful dress. It doesn’t need a plunging neckline or crazy gimmicks to compete with all that shimmer!!!

Sandra’s a little bit awkward in this photo, but I love the bold red and clean, simple lines. Her understated makeup and hair just work with it, pairing the bold red lip with the bold red gown. She’s gorgeous, as always!

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  1. Love watching for whos wearing what too but it always surprises me who is daring, blah and who just shows up! I totally agree with you on JHud, one(I believe the left) was hanging on for dear life! But I can’t wait for Fashion Police with Joan Rivers!! (I look forward to that more than the after parties) LOL

  2. I’d have to pick Gwyneth as my favourite outfit out of this group. I like Florence’s dress, but I’d like to see how she looks with her hair up sometime…

  3. Hey there

    I am loving all of Florence’s style at the moment – she just knows how to set off her hair, complexion and look! Love her!

    Thanks for putting this together, as i was scouring my blog roll today for “oscars” related posts – so it was great to find yours : )

  4. I completely agree – even the hosting was a little bland this year, but the attire is always interesting!!!

  5. It was a close call between Amy Adams (the sparkle had me *drooling*!) and Mila Kunis (soooo right for her!) for me. I think looking at the clothes is my fave part of the Oscars. I rarely care about the awards. lol

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