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May 27, 2011

We change our jewelry every day to match whatever we’re wearing, yet we stick with the same exact pair of glasses day after day. I like the idea of changing them out to mix things up, so I’ve already bought from Eye Buy Direct three different times. They start at only $6.95 for a pair, complete with prescription lenses, which I think is perfect for a style that you want to try out but aren’t fully committed to yet. 
Sunglasses-Religion SUN07-2
The reason I’m talking about them right now, though, is that all the glasses above $14 are buy one get one free right now, and it’s taken off  automatically at checkout. I’m really pumped because I missed the last BOGO, so I’m buying myself two pairs of prescription sunglasses – yay! Anyway, I have a code for you to get an additional 15% off at checkout. To get your deal from Eye Buy Direct, just type this in at checkout: 

Fashion Glasses-Uruguay
Sunglasses-Religion SUN02-2
Fashion Glasses-Cosmopolitan
Fashion Glasses-Pueblo
If you end up getting anything, link me to the frames in the comments. I’d love to see what you guys end up picking out!!!


  1. I LOVE the third! I have ralph Lauren glasses that are medium sized black frames. Iove em.

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