DIY Copper Projects – Favorite Finds No. 79

November 13, 2015 separator DIY Tutorial

DIY Copper Projects


I’m copper-obsessed this week, you guys. I just shot a pretty necklace tutorial that I’ll share soon, and it set me off down the coppery rabbit hole! In the meantime, here are some of my favorite copper-inspired projects along with the rest of what I’m loving on the web this week.

  1. Unkillable foliage in case you have a black thumb
  2. Even more glowy than usual when it’s lit from the inside
  3. Any pattern you can imagine to customize
  4. Loving the kind of raw, freeform look of this one
  5. Totally makes me want new biz cards while I’m at it
  6. Not quite copper but close enough for this roundup 😉
  7. Because it’s still already Christmas and I love it
  8. Gingerlicious and too cute to eat
  9. In case you’re big on planning ahead for 2016
  10. My absolutely favorite winter cocktail
  11. My new holiday shopping addiction – not sure how I’m only just using it?!
  12. In case this speaks to your life as much as mine 😉
  13. What a cute way to keep your notes and things organized
  14. Which one of the four are you?
  15. No zipper, so they’re a breeze to sew up in any fabric


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  2. Loving that business card holder and that reminds me, I need to order new business cards! Thanks for sharing my pillow covers. Happy weekend!

  3. Oh yay, thank you for including my votives with these other gorgeous projects! Copper forever!

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