DIY Cork Projects + Favorite Finds No. 83

February 26, 2016 separator Weekly Roundup

DIY Cork Projects - A Roundup on Shrimp Salad Circus


This week hasn’t been particularly notable, other than I GOT A NEW PHONE! And the biggest news there? I switched from iPhone to Android – eek! I was rockin’ a three-year-old iPhone with a broken camera, so my new acquisition has opened a whole lotta great Snapchat possibilities for the future.

On that note, add me on Snaptchat to keep up with my behind-the-scenes (and cats for days): shrimpsaladblog.

In case you missed it: the 12 photography items I can’t live without!

DIY Cork Projects + My Faves This Week

  1. To keep your cutest plant warm, cozy, and chic
  2. For protecting a table from hot pots or just styling a beautiful corner
  3. The perfect finishing touch for a pretty gift
  4. Because we could all benefit from a minimalist organization station
  5. Little reminders to keep everybody on the same page
  6. Five simple upgrades to make everyday work feel a little more stylish
  7. Obsessed with these for spring
  8. The sweetest shower for the sweetest bebe
  9. If you happen to be a bacon-eater (though I’m not), then
  10. Did you hear the big news this week?
  11. Yummy and so much more practical than buying the little packets
  12. For those of us with expensive taste but only $2
  13. It’s like they know me (h/t The Occasional  Hobbyist)
  14. Taking the coloring book trend to the next level of party-tastic-awesome
  15. Always with the cutest ideas, this one
  16. Anybody tried this? I want it for the packaging alone at this point…
  17. Delicious – and so much pretty texture, too
  18. Fun activity to do with the kiddos but pretty enough to ‘gram


  1. Enjoy your new phone!! I just love those ballet flats and that woodland baby shower looks so pretty!! =)

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