Favorite Finds No. 75

September 11, 2015 separator Weekly Roundup

DIY Fruit Projects

DIY Fruit Projects + More!

  1. James and the Giant orange?
  2. Perfect for resting a fruity beverage
  3. In case you need a little pop of summer on your digits
  4. And watermelon. And pineapple.
  5. Because, shockingly, the holidays are right around the corner
  6. Marbleizing ALLTHETHINGS
  7. Loving the pops of vibrant color all over the place
  8. Must listen to this. Absolutely must
  9. Because offices are almost always way too dull and boring
  10. Starving now, which I blame entirely on this girl
  11. Super mod and minimal – lurve
  12. Because we‘re all way, way too stressed all the time
  13. Such a smart way to get extra mileage from a mani


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