DIY Dragon Fruit Manicure

September 8, 2015 separator DIY Tutorial

DIY Dragon Fruit Manicure - Shrimp Salad Circus

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Have you ever tried a dragon fruit (pitaya)? They’re absolutely beautiful – bright pink and vibrant on the outside and white with the loveliest black seeds dotting the inside.

And they often taste like absolutely nothing.

Womp. But, besides being lovely to look at, they can make a nice pudding or agua fresca! You know what else you can do with this tropical treat? How about a DIY dragon fruit manicure?!

DIY Dragon Fruit Manicure

DIY Dragonfruit Manicure Tutorial - Step 1

1.   Follow the directions listed here to prepare your nails if you’re using gel polish.

2.   If you’re using gel polish, paint a layer or base coat, and cure it with the light. If you’re going to use regular polish, skip the base coat.

DIY Dragonfruit Manicure Tutorial - Step 2

3.   Paint a hot pink shade onto the top 1/3 of your nails. Don’t worry about taping it off or being really precise. We can fix it up in the next step!

DIY Dragonfruit Manicure Tutorial - Step 3

4.   Dip a regular old flat paintbrush into rubbing alcohol (for gel polish) or nail polish remover (for regular polish). Use it to just clean up the lines across the bottom of the pink. You should be able to just swipe across a time or two with the brush to smooth out any weird edges you left behind in Step 3.

5.   If you’re using gel polish, be sure to cure under the light before moving on. Otherwise, go ahead and move on to Step 6.

DIY Dragonfruit Manicure Tutorial - Step 4

6.   Dip a skinny paintbrush into black polish. Randomly add little vertical dashes to the natural (not pink) part of your nail.

DIY Dragonfruit Manicure Tutorial - Step 5

7.   Whether you’re using gel or regular polish, go ahead and add a coat of clear on top of everything to seal it all in and add shine. Just be sure to cure it under the light for gel!

DIY Dragon Fruit Manicure Tutorial - Shrimp Salad Circus


  1. I am with you on the lack of taste! And I keep trying, hoping it will be different!! Such a cute idea for a manicure!

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