DIY Plastic Animal Projects – Favorite Finds No. 76

September 25, 2015 separator Weekly Roundup

DIY Painted Plastic Animals - Favorite Finds

Are you following me on Instagram yet? If not, come join the party! Right now I’m asking for your advice about what I should do while I’m in Columbus this weekend for Andrei’s 30th birthday!

DIY Painted Plastic Animals

  1. Mostly because a little fox Rudolph is the very best thing
  2. Next stop – the plastic guinea pig shop…
  3. Hope you’re ready for this in a much, much bigger version
  4. Feel like I kinda missed the boat on this one *le sigh*
  5. Also in support of gilding ALL THE THINGS
  6. Da dum… Da dum… Da dum dadumdadummmmmmmmmm
  7. Just in case you’re a boss lady, too
  8. Such a fan of simplicity and letting the food shine through
  9. Light and airy and then bold and colorful
  10. Again with the simple being absolutely beautiful
  11. Have you downloaded yours yet? It’s free!
  12. Major, major color win


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