5 DIY Wood Projects + My Favorite Finds

February 5, 2016 separator Weekly Roundup

5 DIY Wood Projects to Make for Your Home


I can’t believe I’ve been back from Africa for almost an entire week already! In case you missed my little adventure, you can catch up over at #thetravelingshrimp. I’d love to hear about any fun trips you’ve taken recently — or any you’re planning!

Now, onto my favorites from the across the internet this week, including five beautiful DIY wood projects:

  1. Because we can all use a bit of greenery to brighten up the rest of the wintry months
  2. Those times when the simplest of things have the prettiest impact
  3. Totally customizable with a bright pop of color if black isn’t quite your speed
  4. Gorgeous table, of course, but also THAT SIGN
  5. Totally worth clicking through just for the bunny photo bomb even if you don’t need a new sideboard
  6. Pretty much haven’t taken these off since I bought them
  7. Love love love this is a gift idea
  8. So proud of this young woman for being proud of her scars and embracing her body
  9. Legitimately watched this repeatedly — and again just now
  10. Just as long as you don’t try to actually eat them
  11. The downside of being competent, or why “being a go-getter is no fun
  12. Because you probably still haven’t thought of anything yet



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