dog days . the perfect palette no. 1

October 17, 2012 separator Uncategorized

Welcome to my fascination/obsession with color. Welcome to the newest soon-to-be-regular feature on Shrimp Salad Circus. Bienvenidos to The Perfect Palette. I love all things color, and I think there’s no better way to find the perfect combination of tints, shades, and variations than to look to a beautiful piece of art. 
This particular beautiful piece of art is by Michele of Diesel & Juice. She does custom pet portraits, and I can now officially vouch for her mad skills because she did a knockout picture of our Rossy
So, here’s your one and only (kidding) chance to let me know – do you like this new color palette post, or is it so overdone on the blogosphere already? 

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  1. It’s blogoshere ready!!! I just came by your blog and was hooked with this one post so obviously it’s awesome! I would read your color palette posts!

  2. I love the portrait and the colors used. I think I will just wander over to Diesel & Juice and marvel at Michele’s artistry.

  3. I think it’s fun! I have seen it done poorly — where people end up putting other palettes down. But it’s great to get new ideas and see pairings I wouldn’t have put together myself! 🙂

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