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October 16, 2012 separator Life

Andrei and I headed out to go apple-picking this weekend, which quickly got derailed by a children’s festival of 400 or so. I love children. I just don’t love being the only people picking apples without children. That’s reasonable enough, right?
So Andrei surprised me with a little winery trip he had up his sleeve. Before we moved here, I never would’ve guess Kentucky was home to so many wineries, but hey, I won’t question anybody who wants to hand me vino and tapas! We drove through miles of horse farms and ended up at this beautiful place! It was unfortunately too late in the season for the grapevines, but the place (Chrisman Mill Vineyards, if you’re local) was still a sight.
This was supposed to be an outfit post, but clearly I’ve gotten off on a tangent… 
Here’s the necklace I’m wearing in the pictures. You have to see a close-up to do this little slice of gem any justice. It absolutely glows when you hold it up to the sunlight. Nicole of Mordakk Designs, one of my sweet sponsors from last month, sent it to me, and I almost haven’t taken it off since. 
Note: The necklace comes on a 24″ chain, but I ordered mine with a 30″ chain because I like them to hang a lot longer. Nicole will adjust the chain length if you request it! 😀
Get This Look
dress, Merona (similar, $79 . similar plus size $64) . necklace, Mordakk Designs, $42
over-the-knee socks, Meron (similar $5) . boots, Chinese Laundry (similar $69)

I’m sorry to admit that since everything is from last season, I can’t find the actual pieces for sale, but I’ve linked the most similar styles I can find. Enjoy! 

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