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February 28, 2010

You guys know by now that I have a fierce addiction to Earl Grey. I like to take a cup of tea with me on the go in the mornings, but I hate those aluminum travel mugs with awkward handles and leaky tops. I’ve found the best thing ever, and you all need one too!

All these to-go cups resemble disposable cups, but you can use them just like a regular travel mug. I have the cheapy from Bed Bath & Beyond, and I love it. I carry it everywhere with me. At only eight bucks, you really can’t go wrong!

Copco – Bed Bath & Beyond – $7.99


  1. Bethany – I think they’re really just supposed to be clever, but I really prefer mine to other varieties because it’s lightweight, doesn’t have an awkward handle, and I prefer the top to other mugs.

    You just have to be careful with these; I have had people almost throw mind away twice!!!

  2. I have to say these cups confuse me. Do they work better than the other travel hot beverage cups? Is there a reason they are modeled after the disposable cups other than being ironic? Just curious.

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