and the winner is…

April 5, 2010

The random(.org)ly selected winner of the Tina Crespo giveaway is the oh so lovely Madelynnnn, who has an also oh so lovely blog called the Trials and Tribulations. Life After College. that I highly suggest you go veesit.
Thank you to everybody who entered this one, and thanks especially to Tina, who is now one of my most favorite people on the planet, b/c the photos that I ordered arrived ever so promptly and were even lovelier than Etsy let on! Tina’s still having that spring cleanup sale, so what the heck are you still doing reading this?!?
Don’t forget to enter the:

happy birthday, shrimp! | ♥ my readers giveaway

And the winner is…

March 1, 2010

A big congratulations to Helena, the winner of the $25 gift certificate to Lemon Jitters. Now, for all of you who were waiting to see if you won before you bought anything, this is the part where you go back to your Etsy favorites and buy every little thing you hearted from Katie’s gorgeous shop!

Seriously, people – she has a recession-friendly line starting at only FOUR BUCKS!!!!!

I always, sometimes never… { and a winner! }

February 19, 2010

I always stumble upon lovely blogs and then can’t remember how I’ve found them. Anywho – that’s the sitch with The Madness of Mundanity, where she’s having a super cute Lomolito giveaway. I love photographizing, so I couldn’t resist this one!

I always …

  • oversleep, but I can get ready to go in about five minutes, so it’s okay!
  • lose my keys, which usually is not okay.
  • have at least 17 unfinished project laying around.
I sometimes …
  • prefer to sit at home on a Friday night watching crappy horror movies & drinking vino.
  • forget the iPhone. It throws my whole day out of whack.
  • travel the world. It’s been far too long since my passport has seen any action.
I never …
  • eat animals. I prefer to cuddle them.
  • go to bed without making up from a fight. Life’s too short.
  • study far enough in advance of a test. It’s gonna be a long week.
Your turn – leave a comment with one thing that you always, sometimes, and never do!

Today, loves: Ronit of International Giveaways!!! You know what inspires Ronit?

I’m really inspired by beautiful views of nature, especially of the mountains uncovered by any civilization. There’s just something wonderfully stunning about the colors, the smells, and the sounds.

As always, you’re all wonderful for entering the giveaway and for visiting Rosebud Lips. Lauren was a lovely lady to work with, and I highly recommend her for any ‘pretties’ you might be in the market for because, hey – she’s just a good person!

And the winner is…

September 21, 2009 separator DIY Tutorial

Congratulations to Danielle, comment number 85! Now you can get your blue shimmer brooch to go on that wrap you crocheted! In fact – you can get about five of them! Be sure to check out Danielle’s blog Finally Finding Me…I Think to see the darling little slipper socks she crocheted in just a couple hours! Can you tell I’m jealous?
Thank you to everybody who participated, and thanks especially to Stephanie of pandacub who managed to fit us into her schedule during a very stressful time. 
Stay tuned for a fantastic featured shop on Wednesday and a fun, quirky tutorial tomorrow!


  1. I am so excited! Thank you so much! I will be sure to post a picture of my scarf/wrap on my blog soon and can’t wait to pick out all my “goodies”!

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