Everyday Resolutions – Protect Your Assets (or “Neither Snow, nor Sleet, nor Dark of Night”)

December 20, 2009

Attention: This is a Shrimp Salad Circus public service announcement.

Yeah – this post has nothing to do with the tanking economy. By assets, I mean that lovely mug of yours. No, not the coffee-stained souvenir you picked up in the Las Vegas airport – the one you painstakingly makeover each morning and moisturize each night. The one that you desperately want to still be just as pretty in ten years. In twenty years. In fifty.

Today’s Everyday Resolution is simple. Wear sunscreen every single day. With all the easy, cheap, and lovely faux-glow options out there these days, there is simply no excuse to bake, fake bake, or fry – unless you’re talking about eggplant parmesan or chocolate chip cookies.

Save yourself a lot of trouble in the long-run. Make a habit of putting on sunscreen. Every. Single. Day. I recommend Garnier Nutritionist Skin Renew Anti-Sun-Damage Moisturizer with SPF 28 because it works well, smells pretty neutral, doesn’t cost a lot, and protects my pale-faced goodness.


  1. That’s very smart! I had trouble finding a cream that I liked and did well with my skin (I have dry but easily oily skin. I know, it makes no sense) but once I did the sun screen thing I think has helped a lot!

  2. I’m a pale, pale redhead…and my mom used to force me to sit in the sun, to “look healthy”.
    She died of cancer at 48…and I’ve had 3 incidents of skin cancer after the age of 40, 2 on my face.
    When I see young girls baking in bikinis on the beach…no sunscreen…I want to shake them!
    The latest studies show that even tanning beds are NOT safe.

  3. hear hear!
    I also like rosehip oil at night, it helps with the wrinkles that evade the sunscreen:-)
    Say NO to melenomas as well – yucky things!

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