That one time that I turned 24…

December 21, 2009 separator Life

I promised you birthday pictures, and here they are. Thanks to the best guy ever, it was more of a birthday week than just a birthday. Anyhow – the story’s interspersed with pictures because I know lots of you darlings are too busy to read all my bid’ness.

This is my fave action shot of the sushi on its epic journey to the dinner table.

Thursday (my birthday), he took me to this epic little sushi restaurant with a conveyor belt that delivered sushi right to the table. Do I sound like such the small-town girl right now? Oh well – I was impressed!

Here’s a wider shot of the conveyor belt sushi. Heaven.

Here’s me still reeling from the zoo surprise and as excited as any little kid on Christmas morning!

I couldn’t resist an ‘artsy’ shot of the sushi. Isn’t sushi one of the most photogenic foods? Yeah – nerd alert, nerd alert.

We sipped hot cocoa while watching the Christmas lights show on the zoo’s little lake.

Saturday he told me to invite all my friends over to his place to watch the Bama | Florida game (You know – the one where we annihilated them…). At halftime he went out to his car to ‘get something.’ He came back in with a massive cookie cake, and everybody sang and embarrassed the heck out of me. We did the whole birthday dinner at Mexican later, and I got manhandled by the waitress. No, really – she poured a tequila shot down my throat and then smeared whipped cream in my nose. Awkward. Really awkward.

My day was complete – we saw llamas on the way to pick up my bike!!!

Can we say ‘Cloud 9?’ I love me some veggie rolls!

The Mister as a turtle. Clearly you can see why I lurve him!

Here’s the cookie cake that A surprised me with while we watched Bama stomp Florida. Yeah – it’s upside down. Clearly I’m not the brightest candle on the cake (ha. ha. ha.).

Sunday he gave me a bike lock, and [idiot that I am] was like, “Aww thanks – I’m gonna get a bike one of these days!” He then showed me a picture of the ’75 Schwinn Collegiate bike that we were heading off to pick up for me after I ‘approved’ it. I thought the bike was the whole shebang, but we ended up driving to Cincinnati and pulled up to the gates of the Cincy Zoo before I had a clue what the hay was going on. He knows me tootoo well – I’m a sucker for any sort of animal, and I liiiiiive at the San Diego Zoo when I’m home. We finished the evening with Cheesecake Factory, and I think it might’ve been the best birthday thus far!


  1. Wellll…I just have one thing to say…AWWWWWWWWW!!!!

    And I’m glad you had such a good birthday my lovey. See you soon!

  2. Wow, Lindsay! Does he have a brother my age? Just kidding, you look so adorable; it looks like you had such a great time:)
    Happy belated birthday!!

  3. Oh that sounds like a great birthday!! When I turned 24 (which was in October) we were in London (last stop on our honeymoon trip) and we explored the town, and went to La Mis! It was great!!

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