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September 17, 2012 separator Fashion

I know that fall is all about vibrant jewel tones and deep, rich neutrals, but I’m a taupe kick right now anyway. Let’s chalk it up to this in-between seasons moment in which we find ourselves, shall we? 

1. Rosette Hair Pin or Brooch . Dee’s by Design . $11.75   
2. Rainy Day Regal Scarf . ModCloth . $16.99
3. Agate Druzy Necklace . Mordakk Designs . $39   
4. Floppy Hat . San Diego Hat Company . $30
5. Sam Edelman Petty Boot . Urban Outfitters . $130   
6. “Opposites Attract” Dress . Vanda . $50

Also, let’s discuss: What’s “affordable” for shoes? Let’s take those darling little boots, for example. They’re $130, which is probably quite reasonable, but I still can’t bring myself to make ’em mine. Am I just stuck in that grad student state of mind, or is it a little steep? Weigh in in the comments!  

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  1. I absolutely adore the Sam Edelman’s! I bought a pair of SE’s Studded Boots last fall and they are truly Amazing! (They were overpriced, had to be shipped overseas and they charged me for extra custom costs, but believe me… They’re worth every penny!)

    And for the record: they were… Taupe. Guess you’re not the only Taupe Girl during fall! 😉
    From http://www.beuniquebecoco.blogspot.com

  2. You’re not nuts– $130 to me isn’t exactly reasonable, but I’ll still shell it out for a great pair of shoes. That I’ll probably wear, like, every day. I will never not cringe when I make a purchase that large, even though I can afford it. But I’ve had one of my favorite pairs of boots for three seasons now, and they were looking pretty rough. I took them to a shoe repair place, and they made them look brand new for only $10! If I can get another couple of years out of them, it was a totally worthy investment.

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