finding the best in cloudy days . inspiration roundup

September 13, 2012 separator Uncategorized

Cloudy Baby Shower by Lisa Storms on Fiskars
I just looked at the weather report for next week, and I’ll just say that Tuesday and I are not going to be friends. I need ridiculously bright, sunny, happy days, not clammy, cloudy ones. My is so very dependent upon the weather, and I am fueled by sunshine. 
To console myself, I’ve tried to round up some of the happiest, cutest things I can find featuring that make cloudy days look like bright, shiny ones. Enjoy this little roundup of everything from DIY to shopping!
And tell me, which sort of day is your favorite – sunny, cloudy, snowy, rainy?

Storm in a Teacup by John Lumbus on Laikingland


  1. I love sunny, cloudy days. BUT I also LOVE rainy days when I get to stay home and be cozy 🙂

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