Favorite Finds No. 32

March 14, 2014 separator Weekly Roundup

I love everything they put out.
I can’t get enough of these beautiful images from this talented gem.
This is maybe too pretty to eat.
This is beautiful for a wedding, but I kind of just want it for my dresser.
These remind me of Kinder eggs.
I think this would be really cool with a climbing plant inside.
One day I’ll have a real, actual couch, and I’ll cover it with things like this.
How do you feel about pretty, free things? Yeah?
This is a neat twist on the typical full-sheet version.
You know I can’t resist a pretty free printable.
I know this is super nerdy, but hey – fun!
I love the little flowerbed one.
If I ever actually have my own craft room, this is so happening.
I’ve always wondered how they do this…
Don’t forget to use the code ‘shrimp’ to save off some colorful, springy goodness!

Photo by Rebecca Caridad

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