Rebecca Caridad . Creatives Illustrated No. 2

March 11, 2014 separator be inspired

You might remember from last time that I’ve decided having a blogroll isn’t enough. I want to make sure you’re dying to pop over and visit my favorite creatives across the blogosphere. I still have lightyears to go to feel like I’ve got a good handle on painting, but I’m having fun with my little set of watercolors. I’ve mostly stuck to painting quotes and these tiny little blogging ladies so far.
This week’s creative is the incredibly gifted Rebecca Caridad. Her photography is breathtaking and really evokes so many feelings. As if that weren’t enough, she is one of the most gifted calligraphers I’ve had the pleasure of discovering (thanks to Katie), and is maybejustmaybe my calligraphy idol. Oh yeah, and she crochets. And paints. And arranges flowers. Also, she has really fun flower tattoos on her feet – the icing on the cake. I think my blogger crush might be rearing its head. Anywho, enough said – just go check out all her pretty projects!

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  1. omg this just made my whole life! I love this painting, and my little peony tattoos!! Thank you so much for being so sweet about my work!

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