November 5, 2013 separator Uncategorized

I’ve finally gotten all the bugs worked out, so the new and improved Shrimp Salad Circus will be revealed this Friday! To celebrate, I’ll have several fun posts next week with some surprise giveaways sprinkled in for good measure (and to keep you coming back! ;D).

In the meantime, let’s discuss: What’s your favorite blog design? Link the best-designed blogs in the comments so that we can all ooh, ahh, and find a few new reads! 

P.S. I won’t judge you for shameless self-promotion if you think your own design is amazing…
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March 26, 2009 separator Uncategorized

Good morning! So I finally listed our first few (literally) items on the Etsy shop! I’ve noticed that a few pictures are fuzzy, and I might have to make some changes to descriptions, etc. It’s definitely a work in progress, but I’m finally actually doing something with it. I’ll be adding more throughout the next few days when I get some spare time. Check it out and let me know what you think!
– L


  1. I think your shop is taking form quite well..It looks good, keep listing. Glad you finally got it up and going..Congratulations

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