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November 17, 2010 separator Free Printable

Banners. Because, really, could we live without them? I think not. Not a day goes by that I don’t need a banner for something. A sweet, pastel banner is a nice way to leave a note on the car parked too close to yours, “Hey jerk. Move over a couple of inches next time. Thank you! {insert smiley face}” Or how about the person in the office that doesn’t flush (even though no one will take responsibility and it continues to happen), “Kind madam or sir, please remember to push that silver thing – aka the handle- before you leave the stall. Thank you, Management.” No, I’m not Management, but it lends an air of authority to the note, don’t you think?

Ok, maybe you’re not as snarky as I am. Good for you. In that case, you may leave a nice, “I love you” for your partner. Or “dinner is in the fridge!”

Challenge: As you go about your business today, think of all the times a little banner note would be appropriate. I promise your list will be long!

download here!
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Katie is the over-analytical mind and creative spirit behind Lemon Jitters. She loves Salt & Vinegar chips, vintage discoveries of all sorts, infusing imagination into life, and Black Tie Chocolate Mousse Cake. She enjoys bringing Shrimp readers a computer desktop background every month and a potpourri of digital art bits twice a month.
P.S. Look what society’s coming to: Have you guys heard about Jimmy Kimmel’s National Unfriend Day yet? He suggests unfriending anybody on Facebook who is:
  • Your mom
  • Somebody you don’t actually know
  • High school friends you haven’t spoken to since then
  • Those who you’ve hid from your feed b/c of annoying statuses and game invitations
This sounds pretty solid to me, and I think I’ll take heed. Who else is going to participate?


  1. Haha Bethany! I think that’s totally acceptable.

    I’ve got a lot of people I should unfriend, but thankfully not my mom.

  2. That is hilarious! Unfortunately, I have to admit that I friended many people I don’t actually talk to in hopes they will see some of my art! Whoops, the cat is out of the bag!

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