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via imgfave, edited by me
My first three words? Made secrets talk. In that order. I rather like the sound of it – a bit mysterious, don’t you think?

Play along, and leave your three words in the comments!!!


  1. Okay, I have no idea what these add up to but mine were
    “dream passion lust”.

    This is for someone who hasn’t dated since she split from her husband in 2005? Wonder what Dr. Phil would say?

  2. Crush fool rageman. Though “rageman” isn’t technically one word. My boyfriend uses it, though, because he’s weird, and…am I a robot who wants to crush my foolish rageman-boyfriend? Oh, and now I’m looking closer and seeing that “man” goes on to “maniac.” I think I need help.

  3. hahaha These are HILARIOUS! Apparently ‘fool’ is popping up quite a lot!

    Patty – go for it! You can link them or just right click to save the image and send as an attachment. I hope your friends enjoy!

    – Lindsay

  4. Lust Fool Naked??? Now I am scared. May I “borrow” from you and ssend it by email to my friends?? Please??

  5. crush fool rage – this isn’t even close to my personality. Well …. maybe the “fool” part! LOL!

  6. haha…fool, secrets, suicides…I’m going to choose to believe this has no implications on me 🙂

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