Georgetown Neighborhood Guide with Cambridge Satchel Company x Madewell

September 16, 2015 separator Fashion

Georgetown Neighborhood Guide - 2

To celebrate the launch of their new across-the-pond collaboration, The Cambridge Satchel Company and Madewell asked me to give you guys a tour of Georgetown, and to make it all even more charming, I get to show you the city on the cutest bicycle! We managed to shoot on the one rainy day in ages, so you get the bonus of following along with the evolution of my hair in DC’s finest weather. 😉

Join me for five great destinations for every sort of traveler in Georgetown: a shopping mecca, the best kept secret of the city, foodie heaven, a bit of local culture, and somewhere to rest your head.

P.S. Thanks to CSC and Madewell for decking me out and sending me off on such a fun mission, and be sure read all the way to the end for an exclusive invitation!

Georgetown Neighborhood Guide

Georgetown Neighborhood Guide - 3Georgetown Neighborhood Guide - Madewell 2


1237 Wisconsin Ave / Georgetown has a lot to offer for any type of traveler, but above all else, it’s one of DC’s hottest shopping destinations. Not be missed among the many storefronts is Madewell, which besides being a denim and classic Americana mecca, is now the exclusive home stateside for The Cambridge Satchel Company’s iconic collection of heavily structured leather bags, handmade in the UK. You can get them online or at the Georgetown DC or New York Fifth Avenue Madewell locations!

Georgetown Neighborhood Guide - Madewell 1

Also, I want to pretend like I’m way cooler than I actually am, but I’ll save that for another day. Point being, it was really fun to wheel a bike through Madewell’s adorable two-storey nook at the beginning of the day!

Shop my look: the Cambridge classic satchel, Billie boot in otter, washed leather motorcycle jacket, tailored tee in estate paisley, felt fedora, high riser skinny jeans

Georgetown Neighborhood Guide - 6Georgetown Neighborhood Guide - Crumbs and Whiskers

Crumbs and Whiskers

3211 O Street NW / Welcome to the highest concentration of cute in Georgetown anywhere in the District! Crumbs & Whiskers is DC’s first – and only – cat cafe, and it has completely stolen my heart. The cafe, which just opened this past June, is currently home to 22 cats. And if that’s not enough warm fuzzy factor for you, the cats are all fostered from the Washington Humane Society and are available for adoption if you happen to find your feline soulmate in a basket or on a shelf somewhere in C&W!

Georgetown Neighborhood Guide - Crumbs and Whiskers 7

P.S. Here’s a ridiculous behind-the-scenes video where my adorable girl Kippy decided she had had quite enough of the photography…

Georgetown Neighborhood Guide - Crumbs and Whiskers 15Georgetown Neighborhood Guide - Baked and Wired 8

Baked and Wired

1052 Thomas Jefferson Street NW / If you’re not intimidated by the thought of fighting your way through hordes of hungry post-yoga or pre-shopping brunchers, then the cakecups and quiche at Baked & Wired are not to be missed. The bakery itself sums it up best about their parchment-wrapped mini cakes: “Big enough to share, but who are you kidding?”

Georgetown Neighborhood Guide - Baked and Wired 1Georgetown Neighborhood Guide - Baked and Wired 10

Don’t forget to make your mark while you’re there. Scrawl a note on a napkin, and stick it to the ever-growing wall!

Georgetown Neighborhood Guide - Baked and Wired 15Georgetown Neighborhood Guide - Baked and Wired 9Georgetown Neighborhood Guide - Canal - 1Georgetown Neighborhood Guide - Canal - 4

C&O Canal

1057 Thomas Jefferson Street NW / Once you’ve had your fill of baked goods and coffee and find yourself all shopped out, you can spend an afternoon walking (or cycling!) the Chesapeake & Ohio Canal. The canal begins in Georgetown and goes on for 185 miles, and the National Park Service has a Canal Mobile Tour app with hidden stories of the history of the canal. The best part? Everything is free – music to your wallet after the rest of the day!

Georgetown Neighborhood Guide - 9Georgetown Neighborhood Guide - Canal 15

Fun C&O Canal fact for my history/art/design geeks: The lock gates used on the Canal were an adaptation of a design by Leonardo DaVinci in the late 1400’s.

Georgetown Neighborhood Guide - Canal - 2Georgetown Neighborhood Guide - Capella 6

Capella DC

1050 31st Street NW / Looking for somewhere to cozy up for a night in Georgetown? Look no further than the Capella, where you can grab a drink at the beautiful bar and take it outside to sit thisclose to the aforementioned C&O Canal. If you’re fighting the weather like we were all day, the wall-to-wall, floor-to-ceiling windows should suffice! When you’re done with that, you can take the party up to the über chic rooftop lounge or take the chill off playing board games in front of the giant living room fireplace.

Georgetown Neighborhood Guide - Capella 5Georgetown Neighborhood Guide - Capella 7Georgetown Neighborhood Guide - Baked and Wired 11Georgetown Neighborhood Guide - Capella 15 Georgetown Neighborhood Guide - 11Georgetown Neighborhood Guide - 12Georgetown Neighborhood Guide - Madewell 4

You’re invited!

P.S. If you live in the DMV, be sure to join me for the #MadewellxCSC launch party this Thursday (September 17) from 7-9PM for hors d’ouvres catered by the amazing Heirloom DC, cocktails, a DJ, and free monogramming!

All photography by Andrei Ponta


  1. Amazing post – what a fun project!! LOVE the places you visited, especially the cat cafe.;)

  2. Soooo I’ve actually never spent any real time in Georgetown. Perhaps I should pay a visit and you sign up as my personal tour guide? Say yes, say yes! 😉 You are adorable and I NEED THOSE BOOTS!

    1. I would LOVE to give you the grand tour!!! Can we just plan on eating and shopping alllll day long?!

  3. Aw man Georgetown will always have a soft spot in my heart, I miss it so much! This looked like it was so much fun to shoot, even though it was raining! That bike is amazing and your pictures are gorg!

  4. I have not been to georgetown since i was a kid…. your post makes me want to go back asap! can i please have that bag?! beautiful pics!

  5. So rockstar. First off, amazing photos with wonderful scenery. I’m going to need to come visit all the fun places in Georgetown now! Great work, friend.

  6. Well aren’t you just the cutest?! Absolutely love these photos of you and this guide. So bummed I don’t live closer to DC, otherwise i’d be there for the event. Because c’mon, that bag is the bomb 🙂

    1. It’d be SO fun to see you, but I’m sure you’ll be there in spirit.*

      *spirit = Instagram

      P.S. Thankssssss!

  7. Sister. Friend. This is amazing! You killed it! The photos are fabulous, the styling is perfect and you just look like the absolute most perfect spokesperson for Madewell and Cambridge Satchel Co. If I didn’t love you, I’d hate you for this post. Stay awesome my friend.

  8. LOVE! The pictures are amazing — way to rock fashion blogging! Also those cats are adorable and I’m obsessed with your outfit and I need to have that bag [insert heart eyes emoji here]

  9. This is so great! It definitely makes me want to visit Georgetown. Such a cute photo series as well. Love it!!

  10. This is amazing! I need to visit here ASAP, I cannot believe I have not been to D.C. Also, you seriously look like a model. Amazing shoot.

    1. Oh my gosh I would LOVE it if you ever came to visit. We would have to go see about a million places. Or just find one to sit for hours and chat. 😉

      And thank you – you’re so, so sweet! <3

  11. You are SO adorable! I LOVE this travel post. I have been to Georgetown once, and it was gorgeous! Dying though… that bag! LOVE the color and the style!!!!!!! <3

    1. Thanks so much, Alyssa — you’re too sweet! And you’re so right about Georgetown. I just love all the rowhouses and cobblestone streets.

      And the color of the bag is SO on point, right? <3

  12. Love this tour of one of my favorite places! You really captured Georgetown beautifully, including my top #10 list: Baked + Wired and the Canal are must-see spots (I even had my engagement photos taken at B&W!) The monogram satchel is also to-die-for. Super cute!

    1. Thank you, Amye! I would LOVE to see your engagement pics – are they on your site somewhere? That sounds so completely adorable!

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