How to Use Yummly

September 17, 2015 separator Blogging

How to Use Yummly to Promote Your Blog


I’ve recently been using a (new to me) tool to drive a little bit of extra traffic to my recipe posts. Yummly is great for collecting recipes, too, but today I’m going to talk about using it for your blog.

P.S. While you’re browsing, I’d love it if you could click Yum on my recipes!

How to Use Yummly

How to Use Yummly - Getting Started

First things first: sign up for a free account.

The first thing you want to do once you’re on Yummly is add all your own recipes. It doesn’t seem like they penalize you for self-promotion, so go crazy getting everything in the system so that you can start getting traffic.

After you Yum your first recipe, you’ll get your own publisher landing page on Yummly. This is mine to show you what it looks like.

There’s a publisher page with details about using the site for your blog, such as how to get featured, etc.

Now, just add a Yummly share button, either through Yummly itself or a third-party sharing button plugin, like Shareaholic, so that your readers can start Yumming your recipes!

How to Use Yummly - Frequently Asked Questions

Yummly FAQs for Bloggers

How do I get my recipes on Yummly? The best way to get your recipes on Yummly is to add the Yum button to your blog or website. I have mine through Shareaholic, not directly from Yummly, and there’s also a Chrome browser extension that does the same thing. Once the Yum button us up, make sure to Yum your own recipes to get them added to the network.

What are some best practices to increase the exposure of my recipes? More Yums on your recipes equals more traffic. Bloggers who educate their readers, encourage use of Yummly, and promote their Yummly publisher page see more Yums and more traffic. Volume of recipes is also a factor. More recipes on Yummly will lead to more referral traffic.

How do I manage my publisher page on Yummly? Currently, there is not an option for you to access and change your publisher page, but evidently the Yummly team is working on adding that feature in the near future. For now, though, they have a quick form you can fill out to have them add a profile picture, short bio, and your social media links.

How do I find my blog’s publisher page? If you’ve added the Yum button and started yumming your recipes, a publisher page will be automatically created for your blog on Yummly. To find this, you can go to your personal user profile on Yummly and check to see if the recipe you Yummed has processed yet. Once it has processed, it will show a link on the recipe card to your publisher page.


  1. Thanks so much the tips! I’ll give it a try. I have noticed that someone posted just 1 of our recipes on Yummly and our traffic went up big time from just that one recipe. Love the help and your site.

  2. Love that background in that first photo, by the way. One of my favorite colors hehe. I’ve personally been putting off adding my recipes to Yummly because I have the WP Yummly plugin which makes my recipes look beautiful, but…I guess I just assumed that the plugin would automatically transfer the recipes to their main website. BLARGH. Guess not, so manually adding them all it is. What a pain.

    But, now time for the real question: have you really seen an increase in traffic since you’ve been adding your recipes to yummly? & what percentage more? I definitely get a boost when I submit to TasteSpotting & FoodGawker, but how many people are using Yummly to find the next big pinterest recipe?

    1. DANG, Paige! That’s amazing – any tips?!

      I’ve just started using it in August I think but haven’t seen nearly that kind of increase. Good for you!

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