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June 20, 2010 separator Photography

I told you that I had a fun new project in the works, and here it is! I’d like you to meet ‘the get perspective project,’ inspired in part by Rhianne’s Photo Swap over at For the easily distracted….

Here’s the idea: for each installation of the project, I’ll give the contributors a single word or phrase. Each contributor will submit a single picture that best represents that word or phrase for them, and then we’ll see what we come up with. My idea is just to see how differently different people see and interpret the same thing. I think that this will be a really fun project, and I hope that it will grow and evolve with time. I’m thinking of one per month for starters, just to see how it goes.
via Rock Portrait
Leave a comment here to participate (with your e-mail, please), and I’d love it if you could link to some of your photos! I want contributors from all over the world, people! I’m going to take contributors for one week, until June 27, and then I’ll post the first word. I’ve created a Flickr pool for contributors to post their photos, and I’ll select a few faves to post here on the blog, with links to your blog/shop/etc., of course.

Please grab one of the buttons or banners I’ve made to put on your blog to spread the word about the project so that we can get a really good variety of contributions!

Now off you go to the comments to get on the list! I want to see you all there, chickadees!!! Let me know if you have any questions, of course.


  1. Oops! Didn’t know this was dated a year ago! Haha. Bloopers! Anyway, I’ve been browsing through your site. Do you still carry on the project? =)

  2. I would love to join this but I’m involved in so many photo projects @_@

    This looks so cool! I’ll keep an eye out for it, and hope for entries.

  3. Sounds like a great idea! I hope I didn’t miss out. kekis26 at gmail dot come

  4. I would LOVE to be a contributer – check out my photo blog for pics – =)as well as my main blog 🙂
    email is here at this link ->

  5. Just read about this over on Rhianne’s and absolutely had to pop over! I just hope my photography skills are up to it as I haven’t yet been brave enough to enter her photoswap!

    But I love the sound of this and would love to try.

    cassandra nesling {at} yahoo [dot] com

    My photos are on my blog and also on Flickr (link on blog)

  6. i’d love to join in!

    my flickr is…lacking at the moment, but you’ve just inspired me to go home and give it a boost!


  7. i’d love to join in!

    my flickr is…lacking at the moment, but you’ve just inspired me to go home and give it a boost!


  8. Great innovative group challenge …. and language being what it has become these days, interpretations should be at the least thought provoking.
    Although my chemo might get in the way a bit, I would dearly love to be one of your contributors.
    Great idea, Lindsay!

    hickcrazy1 at yahoo dot com

  9. I would love to join in. I will be on vacation though until July 1st. Is there a certain date that we will submit these photos by?
    pinkdandyshop at yahoo dot com

  10. I’d love to participate, I’ve been taking more pictures lately, and think this would inspire me.

    ajolly1456 at gmail dot com

  11. I’d love to participate! I post loads of photos here:, I only update my flickr account once in a blue moon with about 1000 photos at a time, so it’s not as useful.

    Gali (gali.medATgmailDOTcom)

  12. Thanks KC and Franca!!!

    So heads up everybody, I forgot to mention this, but it’d be great if you could leave me your e-mail so that I can update you when the first word goes live.

    You can check back on Monday, June 28 to get your first word and get to snappin’!

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