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June 21, 2010 separator the get perspective project

First of all, congratulations to Sew Sweet Stitches, winner of the Plum Pretty Sugar giveaway!!! I think this might be the first time that has selected the first comment, so woohoo for this talented lady, who gets a pair of Pink Love Poppy Lounge Pants from Plum Pretty Sugar!!! If you’re new to leShrimp and haven’t checked out this gorgeous ‘loungerie’ shop yet, get to it, ladies!!!

Secondly, if you haven’t read about my newest creation – The Get Perspective Project – yet, than get to it! I’m looking for contributors, and amateurs are definitely welcome! Help me spread the word by putting the button or banner in a blog post or on your side bar. Let me know (in the comments) if you do so that I can thank you!!!

Shrimp Salad Circus Vintage

Thirdly/finally/lastly – what do you guys think of my new shop ad button? I listed a couple new things in the shop yesterday (killer wedding gown, anybody?) and am in the process of photographing and measuring some more items to try to clean out my vintage stash and raise some funding for my trip to Belize at the end of the summer. Anywho – back to the button – fan? Notsomuch? Does it scream ‘great vintage’ or what? I’m looking for you advice here, chickadees! Thanks!!!

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