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June 25, 2010 separator Life

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In just seven little weeks (that are going to drag by mercilessly), The Mister and I will be swinging from a hammock sipping something cold and fruity in a cheap little hostel in Belize. I’m hoping the hostel looks a little something like that ↑, but I’m feeling far from picky. 

Belize River Inlet by .: sandman.
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We are flying into Cancun, visiting Chichen Itza, and then bussing and water taxi-ing our way down to the Cayes for sun, snorkeling, and a whole lot of nothing. We may try to find a volcano to hike, and I certainly want to get some Spanish practice in. I’ve been feeling a bit rusty on the Español front lately, so while we’re still in Mexico, I’m going to abuse the opportunity!

Grunts & brain coral, Belize by Hawkfish.
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I’ve been saving up for (and looking forward to) this trip for longer than you can imagine. I haven’t been out of the country in almost TWO YEARS! How nuts is that??? I swear I’m having symptoms of withdraw. I don’t know that this will top three months of backpacking in Central and South America, but it’s certainly going to feel like the glorious break I’ve been waiting for all year! What is the most exciting vacation you’ve ever been on?

Chichen Itza by KM&G-Morris.
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Have you guys been to Cancun, Chichen Itza, or Belize? We are in the [loose] planning phase of this trip and are most definitely looking for recommendations of sights to see, places to sleep, and good food! 


  1. Yaaaay!

    I’m mexican! Of course I’ve been in Chichen Itza, It’s AMAZING!
    You’ll enjoy it so much! 😀

    I don’t like Cancun very much, it’s very commercial, but you may go to Playa del Carmen, Playa Maroma, Xpu Ha…

    I love Caribe! It’s a paradise!

    Que tengas muy lindo viaje 🙂

  2. Lindsay-
    The last time I was in Cancun all I did was lay in the sun and read! I came back so very relaxed!
    Belize is on my list! Have a wonderful time and I look forward to fun blog posts!

  3. I wish I was going on your trip. So far, the most interesting place the hubby and I have gone is Hawaii. That was fun – we went swimming with sharks even! but we’ve never left the country and I can’t wait until we do ♥ I want to see the whole awesome exotic world.

  4. this trip sounds so good! wow! i have never been to any of these place. but it is one of the top three places to visit list. cant wait to know more about your trip! enjoy!

  5. It looks amazing!
    the closest I’ve been is Puerto Rico!
    I’d love a vaction at the coast just now.
    Have a great time.

  6. Wow so jealous! Sounds like such a great and fun time. I haven’t been abroad since 2007 (london) and am itching to go somewhere new and exotic.

  7. How exciting! When I was 19 my mom and I drove around Mexico, and spent some time near Cancun and Chichen Itza camping, but I don’t remember too many details of where we stayed. I also really like Tulum because it’s so laid back.

    buen viaje!

  8. Oh how fun! I hope you enjoy your much needed vacay…. it looks amazing!
    Be careful and have loads of fun!!

  9. Other than a small jaunt over the mexican border in high school, I’ve never been out of the country. sigh. I’ve been all over the USA, but I’m dying to finally see something a little more exotic, you know? The boyfriend and I have been planning a tropical trip for most of the past year, and we finally have a plan for Costa Rica in September, so my passport will get its 1st stamp. 😉 Have fun, I’m sure Belize will be gorgeous and I’m looking forward to the pictures!

  10. Cool trip you’re going to take! The photos look so enticing.

    I haven’t been to the tropics and so I can’t give any advice about what to see, pack, or do. Hope to learn from your subsequent posts.

  11. I’ve never been, but my drawing/painting professor in college went to Belize every summer and always had the most amazing pictures to share. I’m sure you’ll have a blast!

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